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Okayswans -
(Album Relisten pt 1) OG Score: (8/100)
Imagine Dragons the most controversial band since Nickelback. With Their repetitive and generic songs they are regarded as one of the worst bands out there but is that infact true lets find out.
(My first try at a serious review)
(Will be updated at a later date but i wanted to get it out earlier this isnt the final version of the review)

Smokes + Mirrors is Imagine Dragons 2nd Studio Album released February 17th 2015. The Previous Album Night Visions ... read more

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Okayswans -
I dont hate women i just hate tramp stamps
Okayswans -
The grooms bride do be a whore doe
Okayswans -
If i was 10 this would be kickass but now its really cringy for the most part for sure a of the time album
Okayswans -
This is the worst album ive ever heard the band leader is a pedo the music sounds like freddie mercury came back to show how aids is with music and overall its everything i hate in music


Apr 26, 2021
hello, to celebrate reaching 1000 followers, i will be making a community list. for this list, all you have to do is tell me the album you have the most fun listening to. it doesn’t have to be a “masterpiece” or have wonderful songwriting or anything. it just needs to be enjoyable to you. thanks
Apr 13, 2021
Message recieved, message confirmed
Apr 9, 2021
Thanks for 100 followers everyone <3
Apr 5, 2021
Based choice, added it to the list :)
Apr 4, 2021
Hey. What’s your favorite debut album? (can be from any genre)
It’s for my next list, thanks in advance if you decide to answer! :)
Mar 12, 2021
Hi again, I hope you are having a wonderful day.
Thank you SO much for submitting an album for the 'Comfort Album' list. The list is finally finished if you would like to check it out :)

Mar 6, 2021
Oh yeah! I enjoyed the new Weezer album too! Definitely a +1 for the strings my friend, agreed!
Mar 5, 2021
To celebrate getting on the list of most followers, I'm doing a qna and wonder if you might have any questions you wonder about me! Open to questions about anything! https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/cakenator/list/39394/qna/
Mar 5, 2021
Hellooo there! I hope you are having an amazing, happy and healthy day today <3

I’m making a ‘Comfort album’ list which would be a go-to album to listen to when we are upset or having a hard time, as music is a source of happiness or comfort to many people. As we are facing such a hard time right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe with this list, we can as a community gather as many albums in a list for anyone who may be looking for a certain album that puts them in a good mood, calms them down, or like I’ve stated before.. comforts them! If you would like to submit an album that does that effect for you, please list these 4 things, album name, artist, and a sentence as to WHY you love this album and WHY it’s such a comfort album for you. It could be because of the lyrics, how it makes you feel.. etc. You may explain it in either one sentence or however many sentences you want, it is your choice! BUT, If you do not have one, no worries then <3 Thank you for reading!


My name is nick im 14 and love many genres
if you see super high scores alot its sometimes because relistens or i forgot to rate a album
97-100 10/10
86-96 9
76-85 8
66-75 7
56-65 6
46-55 5
36-45 4
26-35 3
16-25 2
4-15 1
0-3 0

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