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Nov 15, 2019
Lea is following the steps of her icon Barbra and Neil Diamond; I love when my favorite Jewish vocalists go and create a Christmas album.

This was such a cute experience and it feels so Lea, unlike Louder (which I actually liked, but I know it isn't really appreciated). I think I would have enjoyed this record more with a few more original songs, but I'm fine with her choices on which songs to cover.

As for the original song: Christmas in New York is really pretty and due to the Broadway ... read more
Nov 14, 2019
I feel like I just had a long chat with my new friend Michael. This record is so personal and powerful. He made me cry out of joy and out of sadness sometimes. I don't know how to explain the kind of sensation this album gave me.

I see other users complaining about the lack of cohesivity, but I feel way more comfortable when I can percieve the contrast in the emotions and songs.

My Name is Michael Holbrook feels like a West End MusicaI. He even gives us a reprise of the opening number with a ... read more
Nov 11, 2019
Back in the day the critics disliked Ashley's debut a lot. They where all comparing Headstrong to the High School Musical Soundtrack which I think was stupid and unfair.

I may be a little bit biased, but this is one of my favorite albums ever. I'm pretty sure this would be extremely acclaimed if it was a Britney album. It has vulnerable moments, some kinky songs, and even the huge dark highlight that is Headstrong (song).

She has vocals, lyrics (she even wrote and co-wrote some of them) and ... read more
Nov 11, 2019
I hope I don't get a lot of hate about this.

I can see why this album is so praised, I feel its beauty and I can clearly percieve her artistry, but I don't find myself singing to the songs and coming back to it. However, I'm glad everyone loves it so much, because I think it's well deserved, but maybe it's not exactly for me.

Highlights: Andromeda, Movies, A Lot's Gonna Change
Nov 9, 2019
Well, this was interesting. Some Il Pulcino Pio vibes lol. Would have enjoyed it more with regular vocals, but I guess the vocoder is the main part of their charm.

Highlights: stupid horse, xXXi_wud_nvrstop_ÜXXx, gecgecgec
Oct 3, 2019
Thanks for the compliment! It seems most of the userbase here is mostly into hip-hop. I’m looking to contribute more to the pop music community here on AOTY.
Sep 21, 2019
Nah, it's just that Eurovision pumps a lot of albums out on Spotify, and they're the easiest to find.
24. Pop music audiophile. Maybe you'll end up rating my albums eventually.
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