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Destroyer - Kaputt
The making of 2008’s “trouble in dreams” was supposably frustrating for Destroyers front man and songwriter Dan Bejar, who has described this period of time as somewhat of a creative and intuitive slump for his songwriting, and production ideas. So, one would imagine that when Destroyer came through with one of their biggest critical hits, it would be called a “return to form”, but this is Destroyer, that very much did not happen, not only because Trouble in dreams ... read more

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Oxbow & Peter Brötzmann - An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers
Hello! I haven't written in a while, but this album only has 2 ratings and I see that as a personal failure. Listen to "A Gentleman's Gentleman" if you don't want to listen to the whole hour, trust me you won't regret it. Oxbow's noise rock styling is meticulous and spartan, but doesn't distract from the captivatingly pained charisma of Eugene Robinson, and the powerhouse that is Peter Brotzmann's saxophone. Peter Brotzmann, at the age of 78 is as electric and visceral as he's ever ... read more
Piri Reis - Ritma
LISTEN TO THIS. Awesome 23-minute long screamo LP from Malaysia! I want to live with it a little longer so I’m not writing a review here, but I really just want to recommend this to as many people as possible. If you are into screamo or punk, this is just as good as the Soul Glo record to me.
edit- Not an Indonesian band, my mistake
Ayano Kaneko - Sansan
I am so confused; how did this not blow the fuck up? This is one of the best pop records I’ve ever heard, far and away my favorite J-pop record, it’s lush and replenishing, AND it has a cat on the cover, what more did we want in 2019?? Please listen to the 8th song (Hikari No Hou E), this will heal you.

The album covers a lot of musical territory, though it most notably takes from folk-pop and (while less so) sophisti-pop, but it’s far from restricted to those sensibilities. ... read more

Marcello Giombini - Un gioco per Eveline
LISTEN TO THIS, it’s 27 minutes long and I think most people will really like this.

This is basically a really lush, succinct, and jazzy score for the film “Un gioco per Eveline” or “A game for Eveline”. I wish I could comment on the film, but I can’t for the life of me find a way to watch it with English subtitles, but regardless this score rips. Much of this release is the same song, with the exact same melody, but it doesn’t feel repetitive at all. ... read more

Nick Cave - Seven Psalms
Not a big fan of this God guy, his stuff just hasn’t really clicked with me yet, but I like this!

Nick Cave’s jaded, aged voice being complimented with Warren Ellis’s gentle musical prods and pulses is endlessly captivating to me. I do totally understand why people don’t like this, because I agree that a lot of this EP’s ultimate point doesn’t rise above “god is great amirite?”, largely because of how brief it is. I was ecstatic to hear about ... read more


Hey friend, finally back and just finished my top 50 records of 2022. Wanted to have some time to live with some of the records that dropped late in the year Have a look if u wish :)
Hello Oswald the lucky Dante zwail, I'm just asking all of my followers if they want to join the CCTV notification squad. By joining, I'll send you a link to my newest review when it comes out. Because I highly doubt you can find my new stuff when you follow 400+ people. Also links to new lists, and stuff! If that sounds cool, just say something along the lines of "that sounds epic and based, I'm in!" If not, you can ignore
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Happy New Year 🎉
Hey there! just finished my top 50 singles list. Lmk how you feel.
Thanks for following me :).

Also, you should check out my obscure list. Maybe find something to listen to. You can add something too.
@OswaldDatenzwal - Thanks for the follow, bruh! - daFigz™
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Favorite artist: Destroyer

50+ have some respectable merits
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80+ genuinely loved projects
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exams on rn, not listening to new stuff for now (YouTube link isn't mine just click it, its good)
Loosening up my ratings a lot

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