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OswaldDatenzwal -
The making of 2008’s “trouble in dreams” was supposably frustrating for Destroyers front man and songwriter Dan Bejar, who has described this period of time as somewhat of a creative and intuitive slump for his songwriting, and production ideas. So, one would imagine that when Destroyer came through with one of their biggest critical hits, it would be called a “return to form”, but this is Destroyer, that very much did not happen, not only because Trouble in dreams ... read more

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OswaldDatenzwal -
Its awesome for me to see Dan Bejar do something this weird and out there, it feels like these three beat up a children’s album until it crawled into the fetal position then force fed it acid or something.

Points gray was formed sometime during 1998-1999 and consist of Robert Dayton, Julian Lawrence and Dan Bejar, their only project “Offshore” had an incredibly limited distribution in 1999 and it had to wait 13 years for a legitimate release of the project. This shoddy ... read more
OswaldDatenzwal -
I can’t tell if Dan is indulging my romantic ideas of a snooty upper-class Europe or he’s unearthing them.

After “trouble in dreams” Dan Bejar admitted to feeling embarrassed about performing his garish rock songs live to an audience who were half his age which is partly the reason why after that album Dan transformed himself into an artsy vagrant, waltzing his way through land and time to set up shop for one album only before wandering off somewhere else. First he ... read more
OswaldDatenzwal -
Billie’s debut was a fun, wild spasm of talent where Billie and Finneas showed their reluctance to conform to the status quo, with an innovative and iconoclastic sound which I would have sworn would have only happened for one album. I don’t know why I was so sure of the sophomore slump, I think it was because the best compliment you could give that album is on its immaculate engineering which I presumed was a product of not having a deadline, regardless I was weary going into this ... read more
OswaldDatenzwal -
The first time I listened to this my headphones broke during Pain everyday and it took me 10 minutes to realize that it wasn't just the album.
OswaldDatenzwal -
The most effective slow burner I have listened to, and just a startling premonition of an album.

I don’t know whether it was Fantano's dismissal of this album, or the stiff plastic nature of the album itself which turned me off of it but I really though this was a below average album, I had also just listened to “Street hawk: a seduction”- an incredibly exuberant album which really just highlighted how dilapidated and tired Dan Bejar and company sound, at that point in time I ... read more


Sep 3, 2021
Thanks so much for your responses. I really appreciate the time you took for the second one, it's a fantastic response.

List is up if you wanna check it out:
Sep 2, 2021
thanks for followingg
Aug 30, 2021
Hi again, sorry to bother you.

As I was creating the list, due to issues that arose and just new ideas I got, I thought it'd be sick if each of the top 10 albums had a bit of a foreword in their descriptions. Anyways, getting to the point, I'd appreciate it so much if you could just reply with a couple of sentences on Madvillainy regarding its importance in musical history, influence and, most importantly, why you love it/what it means to you.

Thanks so much for reading and replying, if you do. It'd mean a lot.
Aug 22, 2021
Hey, I hope you're doing well.

I'm making a list where, judging by AOTY users' individual top ten albums, I'm compiling a ranked community top 100. I'd love it if you could contribute by just replying with your top ten ranked from 1-10; I'm totally fine with being redirected to a ranked favourites list of sorts, if that's what you'd prefer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and replying, if you do
Jul 28, 2021
thanks for the follow bro
Jul 17, 2021
thanks for following me
Jul 14, 2021
thanks for the follow
Jul 10, 2021
Thank you for following! I really appreciate it!
May 13, 2021
Hiya! I’m doing a community list of albums people associate with the color red. Do you have any albums that just feel red to you?
May 8, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!


Favorite artist: Destroyer

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70+ Really enjoyed
80+ genuinely loved projects
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