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Mar 28, 2020
Ain't Equal / Savage / Captain Hook re stand out tracks.

Megan does experiment with some different sounds & as much as I love when artists experiment with different sounds … this is a very lukewarm attempt.

These tracks aren’t horrible - I think there’s potential here both in the R&B and Melodic rap attempts, and I will always applaud someone who tries to expand their sound.- But these feel unpolished, unfinished, and to put it bluntly uninteresting.

Meg has ... read more
Mar 28, 2020
This is their most approachable album yet - As their more buttoned-up / electro-pop side is certainly given the spotlight on this album. But still - Ceremony delivers on a wide scope.

The melodic & radio-ready sound is at its peak on this project with Dear God - super clean and unvaried drums, & light pop-synths, lead by bright, repetitive vocals. Their deeper cuts are some of my favorite moments, and they really amplify their pre-established surreal and trippy sound. Take News Today ... read more
Mar 28, 2020
Let's look beyond the anti-vax BS lines

The Allegory is a loose concept album - while its theme and focus definitely get diluted - there are definitely some excellent moments.

This theme of “Woke” when at its best - is presented brilliantly on this project. Take the track Dope Man & Overcomer. These tracks are lyrically heavy - and carry the theme of allegory very well. I also wanted to point out that they sound really good and unique to Royce. In fact, this entire project ... read more
Mar 28, 2020
Somewhere in this 60-minute album is a REALLY REALLY GREAT 40-minute album.

Jhene Aiko takes the less is more approach to her music - the same approach should have been applied to this album - This did NOT need to be an hour long. She remains in that sleepy R&B box and barely waivers. And that’s not to say her sound is bad - The first 10 tracks are some of the best music from Jhene Aiko yet.

However, the second half of the project loses its focus and drags on.

FAVORITE TRACKS: ... read more
Mar 22, 2020
Thought this was a fun roll out - Loved the mystery behind the website, the random drop, blank cover, etc.

FIRST LISTEN - There's a lot of really amazing moments here - 32.22 / Algorithm / 19.10. However - I have a weird feeling if "incomplete" - as if nothing comes full circle. Some of the experimental attempts feel shallow and are chopped up with more traditional, overly bright tracks like 35.31. And as much as I like 42.26, I'm not sure if it fits on this album. The project ... read more
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