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Feb 21, 2018
A quick question to everyone spamming this with 100s: do you guys actually understand what ionnalee is saying in this album? In "EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN", obsessive fandom is a dangerous force that threatens to compromise ionnalee's artistic integrity. This is nothing new in her work (iamamiwhoami's "BLUE" represented fans as insatiable consumers who are never fully satisfied with what they already have), but EABF goes further by claiming that we frequently ... read more
Feb 7, 2018
Realistically I don't think anyone was expecting this to be a stunner — Via Her Representatives seems very much marketed solely with Top 40 aspirations in mind with all of her singles so far staying hot on chart trends, and as such we've got a standard package of smash-hit "Havana" plus some potential singles and the usual filler meant to show off her voice because we all love to stan a vocal queen! 💅💅

Perhaps the most notable aspect of "CAMILA" is its focus on ... read more
Feb 7, 2018
BØRNS' debut "Dopamine" drew a lot of comparisons from listeners to the works of Lana Del Rey, and no doubt will his second full-length be viewed in much the same light: "Blue Madonna" is heavily focused on creating a dense atmosphere of blurry synths and reverb-soaked vocals, and the Languid Lady even contributes guest vocals to two of the tracks. To call him simply "The Male Lana" is a little reductive – the warped pop-rock of "Faded Heart" ... read more
Jan 21, 2018
The chanting refrain "Et tu, USA! / Et tu, et tu, USA!" at the end of album opener "USA" sums up "POST-" rather well; the current political climate in the US has left many feeling betrayed by their neighbours, families, and colleagues. But in "POST-" the betrayal takes place in the first act, and opens up a narrative of a frustrated and restless society who are desperate for /something/ to change. But what?

Rosenstock fails to come up with a definite ... read more
Jan 21, 2018
Though she's been garnering positive critical press over the past year or so, I'm not sure if cupcakKe will ever be taken seriously as an artist, certainly not unless she changes her lyrical style to something much less explicit.

Nevertheless, cupcakKe seems intent on doing whatever she wants without bending to social pressure. As a result, we get lines like "Coochie guaranteed to put you to sleep so damn soon / Ridin' on that dick, I'm readin' Goodnight Moon" and "I remember ... read more
Jan 21, 2018
your taste Bart Simpson, Is NOT rated ANY ablums. 2018 is fuck. TONIGHT IS THE DAY THAT WE STEAL THE AFTERNOON. yes, call Micke Paddon.
Apr 10, 2017
I'll just assume you stopped at 420 for the sake of it.
I have terrible taste
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