Women in Music Pt. III

HAIM - Women in Music Pt. III
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2020 Ratings: #31 / 818
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By breaking from what the world might expect from them and letting themselves do whatever the hell they want, they have produced a record that’s experimental, soothing and vulnerable; it’s a thing of great beauty.
The Independent
Haim take us through a dark place and they do it frankly. But they never let the momentum dip. And they never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.
The Telegraph
The LA sisters' eclectic influences have finally come together in their best album yet.
The Guardian
By leaning into the lows, Haim open up bold frontiers.
Northern Transmissions

It’s exceedingly rare that a band’s third album is anything but fodder to keep the brand going, but Haim have exceeded expectations with Women In Music Pt. III. The record is a beautiful account of what it is to be young and sensitive in the world today.


‘Women In Music Pt. III’ acts as an irreverent middle finger to both convention and expectation, and succeeds through the sheer brilliance of its songwriting and the trio’s palpable love of their craft.

The Young Folks

The album is their longest, with 16 tracks compared to the 11 of the two previous records, but it never feels long. WIMPII breezes along effortlessly, carried by HAIM’s commitment to every song and feeling.


Sprawling and intimate, breezy and affecting, Women in Popular Music III is a low-key triumph.


WIMPIII impressively leads us to believe that the best could still be on HAIM’s horizons.

The third album from the trio is far and away their best. Intimate, multidimensional, and wide-ranging, the songwriting shines with personality and a great curiosity for melody and style.
Consequence of Sound

By further broadening their scope of sound, HAIM create a wide window for listeners to find something of resonance within Women in Music Pt. III.

Rolling Stone
The ladies of the Valley meet ‘Ladies of the Canyon’ on their strongest, wisest album yet.
Slant Magazine

HAIM’s instincts to veer a little more left of the dial on Women in Music Pt. III result in an album that strikes a deft balance between the experimental and the commercial, the moody and the uplifting.

FLOOD Magazine

WIMPIII is tuneful and jammy enough to do just fine as this summer’s beach soundtrack, and yet it is also an album that sounds in retrospect like it was tailor-made for the quarantine life.


HAIM have given us the world on a silver platter, and in times like these, it’s the perfect antidote to normality.

The Arts Desk

Women in Music Pt. III is that rare elongated album that justifies its length, with plenty to dig into through your summer nights and beyond.


Women in Music Pt.III is multidimensional and bold, showing the group high on their original supply of talent as they extend beyond any point they had left to prove.

Beats Per Minute

Women in Music Pt. III is by no means perfect, but its strengths assuredly outweigh the weaknesses. Haim feel completely in the moment here, and are working stronger than ever as a unit.


The band has been quoted as saying that they believe they are equal to any of the male rock bands in the world today, and Women In Music Pt III not only demonstrates this claim to be the truth, but it actually proves something else entirely: no other band in the world, male or female, can match Haim when they on their very best form.

Through this lens, the record's title works on a number of different levels; as statement of fact, a reclamation of the term, or call to arms. It's as multifaceted as the music it encapsulates and the women who made it.
The Observer

Dark events of the sisters’ recent past inform their revelatory third album on which garage and louche funk combine with west-coast rock.

Our flaws are what make us more experienced, relatable individuals, so by learning to embrace the power in their weakest points, HAIM have created their best work to date.
God Is in the TV
In broadening their range and shying away from convention, Haim have become the band they promised to be from those glorious early singles.
The Needle Drop

Women in Music Pt. III is the Haim sister's most solid set of songs yet.

Q Magazine
HAIM remain in a league of their own.

Beneath the smoky fug of a curiously bass-heavy, sometimes semi-psychedelic production, we find all sorts of intriguing experiments.

The real magic is in their tangents, not least "Up from a Dream", with its Glitterbeat stomp, unhinged keyboards and a sense of adventure.

Their confidence shines through as they pull more personality into their music, fully bringing that ‘fuck it’ energy from their live shows into the studio. It’s maybe missing a proper banger or two, but that’s not necessarily what this album calls for.

The Line of Best Fit

Haim’s statement on Women In Music Pt. III is a confident and emboldened departure from feeling like they have something to prove.

Under The Radar

HAIM on record comes across best when not overly fussed up or cluttered over and the many standouts on Women in Music Pt. III prove that point repeatedly. The remainder of it could do with some trimming of the fat and taking it easy on the condiments.

No Ripcord

Overall, Women In Music Pt. III is an easy album to love, which, more than anything else, shows the trio's natural chemistry as musicians.

Loud and Quiet
The final trio of ‘Now I’m In It’, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Summer Girl’ is among the best run of songs Haim have ever presented; it’s the preceding uneven 40 minutes of variously good, bad and downright ugly songwriting that, unfortunately, lets the side down.
We thought they were lost, showing some negative signs on their previous album, but Haim managed to raise their heads and fight in the best possible way to offer us an album that reflects their "rebirth". It's a return to grace, which also shows that like all human beings, going through doubts and trials, it's possible to bounce back, and above all to become stronger.

Women in Music Pt. III is a pop rock/pop punk album, very emotional by its sincerity, showing all the human trials ... read more
What are people hearing in this underwhelming indie pop snooze-fest that I am not?
'Women In Music Pt. III' é tão confortável, aconchegante e redondo quanto a sua proposta, e é bem aqui onde as irmãs do HAIM souberam como nunca explorar a intimidade de cada uma e concentrar tudo dentro de um disco repleto de emoções e nuances na produção que sintetiza muito bem a evolução artística de uma das bandas mais promissoras do cenário alternativo com as bases firmadas no Indie e Soft-Rock.
Although it was raining for a couple of days here, in Warsaw, thanks to this album it finally feels like summer.
The Californian Haim sisters just keeps on walking. Their image of frolicking the streets of Los Angeles boulevards and streets linked to their nonchalant and irresistibly awe-inspiring music videos (directed with confidence by their frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson (and also shot the cover art at Canter's Deli) exudes boldness and marks a period of moving beyond their sunny soft-rock influences to an even broader one, a nod back to classic rock, harmonic vocals, and casual way of ... read more
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Added on: March 2, 2020