BTS - Dynamite
Aug 23

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SebastiaanR -
Summer is now officially over. The days of endless sun are behind us as we're heading towards rainy days, watching the leaves fall from the trees. Fleet Foxes' new record perfectly represents this transition. This album feels like taking a long autumn walk while you reminisce about the summer nights that you and your friends had together.

The production and vocal harmonies are beautiful. The instrumentation has a serene quality to it and never overstates its welcome. The vocal harmonies are ... read more
SebastiaanR -
The third single from Sufjan's new record is out and it definitely doesn't lower my expectations.

Like Video Game and America, this song relies on electronic and ambient production and Sufjan emphasises repetition mainly in terms of his lyrical content.

I really love the production of this single. Like America, it feels a little haunted but in a beautiful way. Especially the chorus stands out.

I can't wait for the Ascension and will patiently wait till the 25th to see what Sufjan will ... read more
SebastiaanR -
Declan's sophomore album is an energetic and fun mixture of glam rock and indie rock/pop. Having never heard of Declan before this album, I went into this album with zero expectations and found myself pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

The album has a great flow and the production and vocals are incredible. The instrumentation is well-layered and features lush guitar solos. I think Declan's vocal presence is the clear standout of this album. He shows incredible range and his vocal tone ... read more
SebastiaanR -
Thank god, she finally returned. The vocals and beat are so smooth. Really excited for what's to come.
SebastiaanR -
I'm not gonna lie, I did expect a lot more from this album. Sure, it's pretty decent and some songs are awesome but as a whole this project is a bit dull and too demo-like for my taste.

I understand that she wanted to go for a raw and stripped back atmosphere and I admire when artists experiment with minimal production, but it needs to be done right. I feel like this aesthetic works when the vocals are stunning and when the songwriting is attention-grabbing enough. However, even though her ... read more
Jun 14, 2020
Hey! Whats your favourite hip-hop record? For a list
Mar 9, 2020
Right there with you, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it!
Mar 8, 2020
Love to see someone who appreciates Moses Sumney!
Music nerd from the Netherlands that loves to listen to all kinds of music. Besides listening to music, I play guitar and sing (@sebastiaan_reddering on Instagram).

Generally, I only write reviews about records that I find interesting prior to listening to it. Therefore, I rarely give bad ratings to records.

My favorite band of all time is The Beatles and my favorite current artist is Moses Sumney. Please let me know what your favorite artist is. I am always ready to discover new artists.
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