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Sep 27

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spicy_singles -
I listened to this 700 times in a 7-day span once.

With how many times I’ve heard this song, the intro starts to make me feel like I’m being rickrolled. Looking past that, it’s such a simple dumb song that I love. Very fun lyrics, very happy and upbeat music, nice layering with the guitar tracks, sick guitar solo near the end, and all the glorious memes it brought us. Ocean Man has always been so comforting to me, and somehow I’m not tired of it 700+ plays later.

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spicy_singles -
Looks like I’m a bit late to the party.

Everyone else is reviewing this so here I am. Kanye raps over a pretty bland beat with an...interesting hook. The lyrics are so purely Kanye that I couldn’t see anyone else being able to create such a weird combination of words. Honestly I don’t hate it. It’s not good, but I think even Kanye knows that. He’s plotting something, I’m sure of it...
spicy_singles -
Linkin Park’s last album might not be very good, but dang...I get goosebumps every time I hear this track. The lyrics on this song hold so much more meaning after Chester’s passing, it’s insane. I understand the hate for the album, but people should really appreciate this specific track more.
spicy_singles -
Sure why not.

I’ve been listening to Buckethead nonstop lately, and this is his most famous song. Probably his best song at that. Jordan switches off between two super memorable instrumental segments that are catchy enough to feel like choruses, and the soloing near the end is spectacular as always. This is definitely a good Buckethead song to start out with, if you can handle it.
spicy_singles -
I’ve heard this way too many times.

This is the lowest score I could possibly give the song though, since it’s genuinely a great classic rock track. It’s one of the most iconic songs of all time: strange but memorable lyrics, pretty piano melodies, epic backup vocals, that weird second half where things get super chaotic. It’s actually kind of a mess, but it’s one of the most important messes in rock history.
spicy_singles -
This just straight up grew stale on me.

Where has the time gone? I remember when I discovered X with this exact song a few years ago. Back then I would’ve said this song went crazy with the raw energy and the overbearing distortion. While that may still be true, it really isn’t a great song in retrospect. This seems to either rely too heavily on shock value or the sheer idea of being a distorted banger, I’m not sure which. I can’t hate too much though.
Sep 27, 2020
yo so you wont believe it the music reviewer guy turns himself into a hot pepper, it's the funniest shit I've ever fucking seen
Sep 21, 2020
Sep 18, 2020
flip the pepper over morty the payoff is huge
Sep 18, 2020
Can you say "this song is spicy" when you give a good rating to a single
Sep 18, 2020
This is the singles account for @spicyb
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