Radwimps - Your Name
Greatest album ever tbh…
Joey Bada$$ - 2000
2000 - Joey Bada$$

This might be the best sampling of the year so far, embodied with fantastic beats and overall great production on this album. Joey talking about his upbringing and taking the risks he needs to take to reach his success, despite the doubts other people had, and how others did not want to see him succeed has a very detailed and passionate concept in the album. I really enjoy the positive energy that radiates from this project, as Joey describes just going through the motions ... read more

Steve Lacy - Gemini Rights
Gemini Rights - Steve Lacy

1. Static - 7.5
2. Helmet - 7.5
3. Mercury - 7.5
4. Buttons - 7
5. Bad Habit - 9
6. 2gether (Enterlude) - NR
7. Cody Freestyle - 7
8. Amber - 8
9. Sunshine - 8.5
10. Give You The World - 7.5
Overall Rating; 7.5/10
Best Tracks: Bad Habit, Sunshine, Amber

Simply put, Steve Lacy has so much raw talent. The way he writes his music to spread messages throughout his music to be interpreted by everyone differently on personal levels is so fantastic. His production style is ... read more

KAYTRANADA & Anderson .Paak - Twin Flame
Twin Flame - KAYTRANADA & Anderson .Paak

i’m back lol. sorry i been MIA recently i just haven’t really been in the mood to review music.
but anyway
I always enjoy a good paak song. good bars and some good vibes backed up with some real nice production. this pair should keep working on projects together. 7/10

Steve Lacy - Sunshine
Sunshine - Steve Lacy (Single)

- Vocals nice
- Production nice
- Feature nice
- Drags on a little too long
Overall, an enjoyable, feel good, summer love song with the right vibe for this time of being and nice a reminder of love. Excited for this new album. 8.5/10

Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND
WASTELAND - Brent Faiyaz

The struggles of staying on the same page, the recognition of another beauty, cheating, the payoff of unmatched love, and the absolute remorse that comes with depression and loss.

That final skit threw me so off. Guys please keep your relationships healthy so that the kind of results and inspiration that led to a skit like this do not happen.

“WASTELAND” by Brent Faiyaz is a super consistently solid album with no low points and very very good production, ... read more

Giveon - Give or Take
Give Or Take - Giveon

Honestly kinda mid. This album is alright, and Giveon does his thing working comfortably with his amazing vocals and his average or alright production that works for the storytelling of relatable heartbreak, struggle to move on, and everything that he wants being just slightly out of reach as he and his partner just can’t seem to fall on the same page. But nothing specifically stood out to me as something different other than everything he has already put out. A lot ... read more

XXXTENTACION & Kanye West - True Love
True Love - Kanye West & XXXTentacion

It’s really interesting to see what really lies beneath someone in their darkest and hardest experiences, and when that person is a celebrity who many people idolize (or hate), it opens your eyes to how much all of us are alike. Whether elevated by social status or not, we are all humans with human struggles. This track really exemplifies this well, showing Kanye as a true struggling person, describing how he lived through his life accepting what ... read more

Chance The Rapper - A Bar About A Bar
A Bar About a Bar - Chance the Rapper

nice bar. 6.5/10

Chance The Rapper - The Highs & The Lows
The Highs & The Lows - Chance the Rapper & Joey Bada$$

I actually enjoyed this one among all of the singles Chance has put out, as Chance and Joey describe perseverance through struggle. The pair create a track describing being able to accept both the wins and losses with others around you to make the good times even better, and the harder times a little easier, to fully accept life as a whole having its ups and downs. Overall, an enjoyable song. 7.5/10

Drake -  Honestly, Nevermind
Honestly, Nevermind -Drake

more like honestly neverMID
I mean, it’s not like any of these songs are bad, but i’m mad BORED.

You see, in some cases, I actually do really enjoy Drake’s chill vocal songs with light beats over his harder rap songs, but not if that’s the entirety of a 52 minute album. My friends and I stayed up together to listen to this unexpected drop, and all agreed that it’s as if this album was one long, very dragged out song. Every track has a ... read more

Ariana Grande - My Everything
My Everything - Ariana Grande

Idrk what you guys are talking abt. I really like this album.

My favorite Ariana Grande album, and in my opinion by far the most memorable. My Everything” has some of the most essential pop songs of the 2010’s including “Problem” and “Break Free”, and not to mention, my favorite Ariana Grande song in “One Last Time”. This record just has bangers dropping left and right, and has the best examples of why Ariana is one ... read more

Michael Giacchino - Ratatouille [Original Soundtrack]
this makes me taste nostalgia. imagine the scene where Remy is explaining flavor, just as me explaining why life is good and i am happy :)
Doja Cat - Planet Her
Planet Her - Doja Cat

Quite possibly, the most sensual album I’ve ever heard. Every single album incorporates so much music devoted to sex, and it’s quite much in some tracks. Plenty of these tracks have that effect that I’ve heard them in so many ads or seen them used as tiktok sounds, to the point where I can’t enjoy the music because it’s too annoying. The second half of this album is so mid to me, just so much filler, but I really enjoy the first track ... read more

Kid Cudi - Do What I Want
Do What I Want - Kid Cudi

Really solid, good flow, nice bars, but didn’t exceed any expectation or anything for me personally so it’s nothing crazy great, but overall this is a good song. I actually really like this beat though, with all of the different sound effects thrown into it, and Kid Cudi talking about feeling free on top of it is really nice. 7/10

Pharrell Williams - Cash In Cash Out
Cash In Cash Out - Pharrell Williams feat. 21 Savage and Tyler, The Creator

Idk, honestly I’m not the biggest fan of this song or the best, but the features here go crazy, and I love Tyler, The Creator so I really enjoyed his verse. I just wish there could have been more time put into the production on this song, and maybe some vocals from Pharrell that we know he’s capable of for a more catchy hook would make this song better, but the overall this song is alright. 6/10

Ransom - Demise
Demise - Ransom & Freddie Gibbs

3 minutes of Ransom and Freddie Gibbs flexing their flows and bars about the war that life brings to survive as a person and as an artist in today’s society. Ransom’s hook is really really nice, and his gangsta message comes across very well Freddie Gibbs’ verse goes so hard, just rapping about the lifestyle, the hardship, struggle, and making it to the life of luxury while also sounding luxurious, brother thats poetic. I’m all for ... read more

Silk Sonic - Love’s Train
Love’s Train - Silk Sonic

Possibly my favorite single of the year next to The Heart Part 5 from Kendrick. I remember being sick on valentine’s day and then jumping out of bed when I saw the notification from Beepr that Silk Sonic released a new song, and I think I listened to it 3 times in a row and afterwards I wasn’t sick anymore lol. This song is such a classic, and the production and vocals are so perfect and untouchable that it really puts into perspective how much ... read more

Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
An Evening With Silk Sonic - Silk Sonic

Who would’ve known that this collaboration is all any of us need? After listening to this album about 27 times and becoming my most played album of the last year, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite albums ever. Not just because of the music, but because of the experiences I’ve made with this music.

First off, this is the best first listen experience I have ever had. I remember only having stayed up until midnight for new ... read more

SZA - Ctrl (Deluxe)
Ctrl (Deluxe) - SZA

On the fifth anniversary of one of my favorite albums of the 2010’s, SZA released the deluxe album of Ctrl, and I’m just so happy to hear her voice again on new tracks. “2 AM” and “Tread Carefully” are honestly two of the best songs I’ve heard in a while, and the production on every SZA track is so fantastic. Her voice is always glistening, and her music is always so soothing, expressive and beautiful. I hope we get a whole new ... read more

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