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Jan 24, 2020
October Drift have been slowly building up a reputation for great music and amazing live performances for a fair few years now, and their debut was an album that was highly anticipated by many. Their sound is a wall-of-noise blend of grunge, indie, and shoegaze. It sounds incredibly familiar and wonderfully unique all at once. And thankfully, this translated across to their debut.

Forever Whatever sounds like the culmination of all of their efforts up until this point. Roy's dark and gravelly ... read more
Jan 17, 2020
Hatari are weird. A BDSM, anti-Capitalist, Icelandic industrial techno art project, famed for their controversial Eurovision appearance and their love of bondage gear. Their debut album was highly anticipated by lovers of the band, after much delay and uncertainty following their unexpected Eurovision success. Was it worth the wait?

The main issue I have with this album is that, whilst it is a dark and monstrous delight... almost all the 'killer' tracks were released long before the album. The ... read more
Jan 16, 2020
When Take That split, the outpouring of grief from their young fanbase was something that hadn't been seen since The Beatles. The biggest British boyband, after a few troubled months, gone, with such divisions no one ever saw them being able to overcome. Yet one monumental press conference and tour later, they reunited as a 'manband' sorts to release their first album in a long time.

The album is plagued by one major problem throughout; insecurity. This is an album that sounds as though it is ... read more
Jan 15, 2020
The debut album by San Diego post-hardcore rockers Thousand Below, The Love You Let Too Close has gained something of a cult status within many post-hardcore circles. And despite its flaws, there is good reason for this.

The Love You Let Too Close is a bleak and aggressive exploration of loss, love, and addiction. One of the things about this album that truly shines is how wonderfully earnest it is, and how through the raw aggression, a heartbreaing beauty often shines through. James Deberg's ... read more
Jan 12, 2020*
The first review of not just the new year, but the new decade, and we begin with a mouthful of an album by emo rockers Mallcops. I originally criticised the production of this album, but it turns out my listening device was just terrible. There is a genuine depth to the sound on this album; just make sure you listen with decent equipment.

We Made Plans has a wonderful sense of sincerity and energy about, each track being buoyant and emotive. Mallcops avoid falling into generic emo rock by ... read more
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