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yoizillmatic -
Few genres have seen such a dramatic shift in sound and style as country music has in the past 25 years. What was once a genre full of serene storytelling, rambunctious acoustic guitars, and western themes has become a bass-boosted mess of pop music that consistently produces songs like ‘Red Solo Cup.’ The space for artists like Steve Earle that adhere to the old traditions has been crowded out, at least in popular culture. I find this to be a quite unfortunate reality, as I’d ... read more
yoizillmatic -
If an album was the future, this would be it. Experimental doesn't even begin to cover it- this sounds like it was made in year 3000, between the layered synths and drum machines this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and unique sounding records that I've heard in a long time, and in a good way no less. What's my gripe with it, then? I couldn't tell you a damn word that anyone said on this album. I couldn't even tell you how many different vocalists there are. If Drake and Future are ... read more
yoizillmatic -
It's rare that I'll walk away from an album saying both 'damn, that was a hot mess' and 'damn, that was a really fun listen', but here we are. I'm usually not the biggest fan of noise rock- perhaps my most controversial take is that Daughters' You Won't Get What You Want is a 5/10- but this rubbed off on me a little bit more than I expected. The guitar work on this thing is glorious- it is at once messy, disorganized, and catchy as hell. Some of the riffs had me nodding my head like a madman ... read more
yoizillmatic -
This was the first In The Pines project that I've listened to, and to be completely honest, I was pleasantly surprised. While the ideas on this record certainly aren't original- you'll be hard-pressed to find that at all in psych-rock nowadays- the formula is still executed quite well. There are moments of brilliant instrumentation on Snow Blink, like the opening two and a half minutes of 'Naked Eye' and pretty much the entirety of 'The Sun', and everything in between still manages to sound ... read more
yoizillmatic -
I'm pretty sure if I listen to this at any other point in my life I'm giving it a 4... something about being cooped up for so long when I'm supposed to be out and being rebellious made the screaming pop punk that this record offers strangely appealing. Not that I thought that it was some sort of masterpiece or anything, I'd go more with comforting.

Favorite Tracks: Ride or Die, Jealousy, Possession
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I'm gonna try to explain what's going on here. For every album I listen to, I do a quick write up and rating immediately afterwards. I then come back and write fuller reviews on albums that I review for my Instagram account. If you have any further questions put em in the shoutbox!

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