Brian Eno - Reflection
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2017 Ratings: #365 / 668
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2017 Ratings: #261
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Drowned in Sound

Reflection is quintessentially Eno. A beautiful, thought provoking and introspective body of work that is composed in a way that is still as unique and as radical as the man himself.

The Line of Best Fit

Yes, the music alone can be easily appreciated for its virtuosity; however, the whole package assists people with their day-to-day lives and provokes mindfulness and interaction with the wider world.

Resident Advisor

In composing a piece so well-defined yet so adaptable, Eno adds yet another page to ambient music canon.


It is simply profoundly and stirringly beautiful, a piece with a deep, almost spiritual resonance while never once sounding New Age.

The 405

Imagining the patience required to perfect an LP that can essentially serve as an unbroken loop – yet offer intrigue along each step of the way – one gains more of an appreaciation of the effort that went into the delving of the human pathos that is Reflection.


Eno's new ambient piece readily slots along works like the dreamlike Thursday Afternoon and 2012’s stately Lux. It feels the most pensive of his ambient works, flowing across 54 unbroken minutes.

A.V. Club

Whether used as sonic wallpaper or the soundtrack for a lengthy meditation, Reflection is the kind of album useful for getting ideas percolating and nourishing interior worlds.

Under The Radar

For those familiar with Eno, this prolonged passage will recall Music for Airports and most recently Lux, but drawn out to the faintest traces. These vacuous, minimal fields linger even longer as the piece nears its end and it's then that you recognize Eno's concealed purpose of manipulation.

Consequence of Sound

Reflection is the type of ambient music that is both accessible and deeply difficult to understand.


Reflection continues with the type of albums he initiated with 1975's untouchable Discreet Music. The piece slowly unfolds over the course of an hour, with notes calmly being suspended in mid-air, only to drift away and pop up later at their leisure.

Slant Magazine

This is music that’s never the same but sounds like it is, obsessed with the fact that it isn’t.

The Guardian

This techno-utopian lift music, while captivating, is not exactly worthy of eternity.


It’s maybe not something to play every day, but an ideal companion piece for when you’re feeling more contemplative than usual.


It’s always a delight to hear a master ply his trade with such deftness as Eno does here, and that skill is what Reflection should be remembered for, rather than the clumsy execution of its creator’s grandiose concept.

Pretty Much Amazing

The record can’t truly offer anything that he hasn’t given before more compellingly or creatively.

Tiny Mix Tapes

While the threat that Ambient 1: Music for Airports posed nearly 40 years ago is carefully rehashed with each installment of Eno’s Ambient series, its effectivity has been nullified by decades of innovations toward (and bastardizations of) ambient music as a concept/genre.

Jan 6, 2017
Beautiful and calm 50+ mins.
Jan 2, 2017
Thank's Brian I needed new study tunes
Nov 29, 2017
Brian Eno's music has always something to do with reflection.
This time, it's also being baptized by this name, one ambient musical piece that lasts nearly an hour and encourages any kind of meditation.
Aug 18, 2017
Brian Eno’s latest album is a pensive New Year’s gift for all people who love experimenting with musical collages. Single 54-minute track is a long, dark, melancholic, meditative, subtle. It’s something radically different from the most of what contemporary popular music has to offer. Maybe that’s why listening to it feels like something divine and sacred, even though it’s sunken into so much darkness. It’s not as varied as his last year’s The Ship, and ... read more
Jun 21, 2017
Beautiful ambient album that fills an empty space or a stressed mind for 50 minutes or so. Great for studying, working, or maximum self-reflection.

Added on: November 15, 2016