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Jan 10, 2020
When my calc teacher didn't show up, what did I do to take my mind off my complete failure of this class?
I decided to go on a 90 minute trip through the intricate, layered, chaotic, mysterious and overall beautiful highly recommended Godspeed You! Black Emperor album. It was the same day that Danny Brown's new album dropped and the same day I listened to Drive It Like It's Stolen, and I thought that there was just about no way I would sit through another album, especially one over an hour. ... read more
Oct 5, 2019
I guess you can say I've been handing out sevens to albums I've been hyping up to be nines....

Danny Brown follows up his masterpiece and my personal favorite album of all time Atrocity Exhibition with an overall decent project. However, for Danny Brown's standards, I was somewhat disappointed. The one thing I can see everyone agreeing with is that the production is insanely clean and VERY good. Q-Tip, Paul White, Flylo and Peggy in my initial listen saved this album for me. On second listens ... read more
Sep 5, 2019
Peggy stole the damn show
After being disappointing from his very small input on Injury Reserve's self titled project, he delivers an extremely powerful and enjoyable verse with great aggression and overall flow. Other than that I love the low key beat on the song, it fits well with everyone. I didn't enjoy Richie's thing at the first listens but it eventually did grow on me, but honestly since he was doing what he was doing instead of having an actual verse it should have been cut down a bit. ... read more
Aug 23, 2019*
Ahaa.. what was I saying? Nevermind

Just about a week and a few days since this actually dropped and everyone is done with it I finally get time to finish it and clear all the dumb shit going on in my life. I'm hopefully better now.

Well... as I was saying before the last tracks kinda weren't living up to my expectations after loving the hell out of the first seven tracks. There were spots of interesting ideas like Joba's verse on BIG BOY and the verse from the apparent new member Victor ... read more
Aug 22, 2019
Yanno I was planning on listening to Denzel's Imperial but then I realized I forgot that there was a more hype album being released today. Wow... I actually decently enjoyed most of this. Front couple of tracks and back couple of tracks were pretty good. Obviously, there were some problems... but it was much better than what I've heard before. You did overall a pretty good job with this!

Fav Tracks: 01_left, 02_only, this song has 30 beats (and counting), float, time
Least Fav Tracks: the ... read more
Jan 18, 2020
What's an important moral lesson you've learnt from an album?
Dec 1, 2019
i might be very late but congrats on 100 followers!!!!!!!!!
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favourite album to listen to in the rain? lol I know these list questions are taking over aoty
Aug 22, 2019
Aug 13, 2019
nice! i grew up in OH right on the PA stateline
Aug 13, 2019
Where in pa u from?
Aug 7, 2019
I'm sorry about how*
Aug 7, 2019
Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the comment. I'm about how this annoying drama is affecting other people, including yourself. Even though it's mostly Brad's fault, I feel bad for other people's experiences getting worsened. Also, I thought I'd let you know that's he still following me, but also blocked me, so if you don't see me complaining anymore, it's not because I'm fine with him, it's literally because I can't.
Jul 25, 2019
Thanks for the follow!
Jul 20, 2019
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Sexy Santonio Holmes FTW
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