- Raw Data Feel
Everything Everything going more ‘pop’ equates to a lot of Hot Chip rhythms and squelchy synths - positives are this is their most uptempo and immediate set of songs, nothing outstays it’s welcome.

While they’d definitely played out the Radiohead’isms by the end of this album’s predecessor ‘RE-ANIMATOR’, this departure sometimes feels more like a simplistic regression than an exciting evolution. The snarl and cynicism is mostly missing from the ... read more

 - And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
One trick pony but I like the trick
 - MJ Lenderman
"Could you lend er man a set of spare keys, I've locked myself out?"

Some Molina hero worship here but it's just so good, intimate and tender from the start

 - This Is A Photograph
Like one of M Ward's best albums...only with more warmth and personality (...but a less distinctive voice).
 - Miles From Home
Underrated synthesis of various forms of jazz and drum n' bass/breakbeats.
 - Dogs and Alcohol
Is it vain to buy a dog just to match it with your own hair colour?
 - Welcome to Violence
Really inventive noir jazz additions to high intensity neurofunk/drum n’ bass. The vocals are well used too.
 - Plume
Great to listen to while drifting in and out of sleep
 - Song Cycle
Preconceptions were in danger of stopping me appreciating this one; I'd expected either sweeping soundtrack style string arrangements (that's not really here but can be found elsewhere in his discog) or a Beach Boys informed set of pop songs with a side order of extra orchestration.

It was only when I recalibrated to accepting 'Song Cycle' as a cross between Joanna Newsom's (Van Dyke Park's co-produced) 'Ys' and the antiquated weirdness of Bob Drake's ever shifting and eclectic 'The Skull ... read more

 - Rattle and Hum
I was all set to bury this strange victory lap of a record; there’s the fact it's a double set with roughly half the tracks recorded live and the rest in the studio, plus so many of these songs are cover versions, and then you also have Bono who’s starting to really cement that reputation for preachiness/rampant egomania with all the political prattle…and on and on.

So it's established that a lot’s working against 'Rattle & Hum', but stay with me, there’s a ... read more

 - Across a Crowded Room
Considering the mid '80s are such a graveyard for reputations you've got to give it to Thompson - this one still brings home the bacon.

I guess 'You Don't Say' is the 'most '80s' of the efforts here and isn't miles away from Robert Palmer or Lindsey Buckingham's output at the time, plus that itchy rhythm could have featured on Talking Heads' 'Little Creatures' maybe? - anyway, I like it, it's fun hearing RT deliver some straightforward pop music.

What surrounds this atypical number is a set ... read more

 - After Everything Now This
Certainly an album that would have benefitted from a trim as there's outright filler here and even some of the strongest songs are a little too indulgent - what stops these irritations derailing proceedings is that the consistent sound and enveloping mood are king.

When 'After Everything...' is hot we end up somewhere very close to 'career best' form (the double whammy of 'After Everything' and 'The Awful Ache') - these tracks are all elegant guitar vistas, delicately wistful vocals and an ... read more

 - The Argyll Cycle, Volume One
A mix of previously unreleased songs and rerecorded highlights from his early albums isn't something I'd imagine slapping a 77% rating on but here we are.

I resisted as long as I could but it's just another evocative set of classy Caledonian goodness.

 - Jackie Leven Said
A bit of a curio, this is a live performance made up of half songs from Leven and half a short story from Ian Rankin that's split up into chunks.

Leven sometimes adds backing music to parts of the readings and he also tries to choose the best song from his catalogue to match each part of the story. Meanwhile Rankin's story references Leven and specific songs at points too.

The real draw here is the banter between the two of them that's so enjoyable (Leven's Michael Caine bit creased me up), ... read more

 - *Happiness Not Included

‘Nighthawks’ for most enjoyably awful song of the year? Sounds like the theme tune for a cartoon….that happens to be X-rated.

 - Take That & Party
Take This Job and Shove It 🤩
 - WE
WE Willie Winkie

This ain’t that stinky


 - We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong
Sharon Van Boredom rides again, this one's (unbelievably) much less exciting than her last effort - ditching even more of her bright(er) pop influences for a barrel load of big n' bland n' breathy ballads. 'Mistakes' is the most pop influenced and uptempo song here and stands out for that - a blessed relief all told.

Whether these ballads choose to be synth'y or Springsteen'ish the result remains the same...boredom totale.

The sort of album to give a bad name to the song writing descriptors ... read more

 - Psycho
This is one dark n’ sleek slab of neurofunk very much in the Ed Rush & Optical mode.

In one word: relentless

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