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Boris - Flood
Dec 20

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EyeSock -
I’ve struggled to find out why I prefer the live performances so much compared to the originals, but I think I’ve finally found out why. Hausswolff’s songs aren’t just songs. They aren’t even just stories. They’re animals. Live, breathing animals with pulses and stories to tell. They roam around the sonic landscape like nobody is looking, and their beauty is found in how natural and untamed they all are. Every emotion, every progression, every note feels ... read more
EyeSock -
Many people listening to this album will come into this with prejudice. This is because this is the same man who made such infamous pop songs like Your Body is a Wonderland and Waiting on the World to Change, and he generally has a douchey public figure. I completely understand that. It's what I felt before listening to this album. However, once I sat down to listen to this album, all of my prejudices were erased by the end of the second track.

Unfortunately, this album starts with Waiting on ... read more
EyeSock -
Listening to this album is like looking at clouds on a bright day and trying to make out images in them. What was once a mass of evaporated water is now a hand reaching out to you from the heavens. Even in the things that seem the most meaningless on the outside, beauty and significance is found. At times, you cannot make out an image, but when you do, it’s one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever witnessed. That’s what listening to this album is like to me. This album ... read more
EyeSock -
Yet another Weeknd album that establishes him as the best atmospheric artist in the mainstream. His ability to create an immersive world with his albums is unparalleled by any other commercially successful artists. However, the atmosphere that Dawn FM creates is far different than those of House of Balloons and After Hours. While those albums painted tales of debauchery, darkness, and sex with its dark and moody R&B production (House of Balloons, Escape from LA, Heartless, etc.) this one ... read more
EyeSock -
“I just can’t control myself. They want more, well I’ll give them more.” The mid-career Art Pop album. A grand, artistic statement from an otherwise commercial, safe (but not necessarily bad or stale) artist. We’ve seen it many times before: Ray of Light, The Velvet Rope, The 20/20 Experience, Impossible Princess, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Viva La Vida and Death and All His Friends. While these albums are often ... read more


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