Hi, Sasquatch - Pop Ghoul
poop ghoul more like
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
some of the most fascinatingly beautiful songs I've ever heard. it kind of sounds like if the Beatles existed in the 90s, and its wonderful.
Ho-Ag - The Word From Pluto
lemme put u guys on some shit
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Live at Red Rocks '22
holy mother of gizz this is amazing. eight and a half hours of pure psychedelic bliss. its so so worth it. all of the jams are so tight and it's incredible how well these guys play together. everyone's performances are top-notch. and its also worth noting that every one of these songs are bangers. they legit took most of their best songs, and as you can tell, they have a lot of those, and performed all of them live. there are still some I wish were on here, like God is in the Rhythm from ... read more
Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears
photo of dog with big ears
Ben Folds - Rockin' the Suburbs
no one ever talks about this record! and that sucks! because every song here is so good! again, this is probably mostly out of pure nostalgia, but my god I actually appreciate these songs even more now that im a little older. I've decided that this is ben's second best work, only behind Whatever and Ever Amen, which has Brick on it so of course it's the best. but this album has Rockin' the Suburbs (the title track) on it, which is a BANGER and if you don't like that song you can go fuck ... read more
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
I have no idea why this was my lowest rated VW album up until this point because it's just soooo beautiful. this is by far their best-produced record, even better than their most recent, and that's saying a lot in my eyes. all of these songs bring back such strangely good memories of just sitting on the school bus in the morning in the dark listening to this album with earbuds. some of it is corny, yes (Worship You and Ya Hey are quite silly), but even those songs are just fun and even have ... read more
The Killers - Sam's Town
always preferred this to Hot Fuss by a long shot when I was a middle schooler. in my mind this record always had better production, better writing, melodies that were catchy AND enjoyable (this should go without saying, but this is the same band that wrote Andy You're a Star), and, most importantly, a bigger nostalgia factor for me. for the first couple tracks of my re-listen today, it seemed my memory was being affirmed. the title track hit about as hard as it used to, and When You Were Young ... read more
MGMT - Little Dark Age
I can really see why some people think that this a "one half wonder" if you know what I mean, and while I do agree that the first half is wayyy better than the second, its not like the second half is bad at all really. I think one underrated thing about this record is how consistently tongue-in-cheek and straight up funny the lyrics are, and its amazing how they're accompanied by these beautifully produced, BANGER synthetic arrangements. like, cmon dude

"Go fuck yourself
You ... read more

The Killers - Hot Fuss
listened to this record a LOT in middle school on my tiny little iPod nano. it really doesn't hold up completely, but I think a lot of these songs are just really catchy pop rock tunes at their core. however, I do think that a lot of the production holds it back. a lot of this sounds very compressed, to a noticeable degree, and also some of the random vocal effect and synth choices are just really corny and off-putting, and this is especially prominent in the mid-point of the record. the last ... read more
Air - Moon Safari
zod zamn! this is beautiful.. really no complaints other than that it can drag a little at times, and it just doesn't quite hit that 90+ sweet spot for me. but I put this off forever and im soooo glad I listened to it, especially while im in this little pop phase right now. good shit good shit
Dean Blunt - Black Metal
lame. I don't really get this one. instrumentally its beautiful and even fascinatingly abrasive at times, but the vocals are just a little too high in the mix the whole time for me; almost like they're floating above the instrumental. It gets distracting, which isn't a great thing considering the I wasn't very impressed with them to begin with. there are some outliers, like the song FOREVER, which is just a nice little instrumental track that I really vibe with, but even that has its issues ... read more
Ariel Pink - pom pom
If I'm gonna storm any capital I'm doing it to this
AJR - The Dumb Song
I don't know how a band can venture out of their comfort zone but only to a more comfortable zone. Seriously, this song really plays it the safest they've ever done. I've heard every section of this song a million times in a million different songs, and the issue there is that AJR are barely even trying to do it any differently. And oh my god the horn section dude...that shit sounds like stock ska filler. How are you gonna make a ska-esque section of your song and make it even more generic than ... read more
Jack Stauber - HiLo
honestly feels a lot more mature than pop food, and a lot more ambitious. I don't love all the songs here as much as the ones on pop food, but its very respectable in that regard. I'd REALLY love to hear a new jack stauber record sometime soon
Jack Stauber - Pop Food
okay, so im back from listening to this album on repeat for about a week and and a half. I've gone from around 150 Jack Stauber scrobbles to 542 in that time. so you could call me somewhat of an expert on this subject.

despite its immense popularity online in the past few years, I seriously feel that this record is criminally underrated on this site and in the online music community as a whole. a 78 user score is NOT high enough for me. and I really want to put into an essay why I think that, ... read more

Metallica - 72 Seasons
more like 72 reasons to DIE. this is fucking BORING ass metal for over an hour straight. I kept losing focus for minutes at a time and no matter when I tuned back in it may as well have been the same fucking song. god damn.
Hi, Sasquatch - Huge Sale
goes hard in the whip
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fj8W2XgOG8w&lc=UgxwHF32DfhR_msv0kV4AaABAg <-- link to EP
The Voidz - Tyranny
every song ever pales in comparison to human sadness by The Voidz. like cmon dude, THIS is peak
Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings and Food
It was a sunny day in Los Angeles when the characters from two of the most iconic TV sitcoms, "The Big Bang Theory" and "Seinfeld," found themselves in a heated argument that quickly escalated into a full-blown fight.

At first, the dispute was just over a trivial matter - which show was better? Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali from "The Big Bang Theory" argued that their show was smarter and more intellectually stimulating ... read more

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