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ihavebadtaste -
bo burnham has always been someone i appreciate a lot. what is an incredible experience, bo has found a really good way to make an incredible show and music to enjoy all in one comedy special.
what. is an album that is crafted in such a way that you never expect whats coming while also getting points across.
we can start by talking about the song "sad". sad is a song that exaggerates a lot on sad situations while keeping a fun mood thanks to the really well made lyrics that just keep ... read more

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ihavebadtaste -
this is so fucking cool
ihavebadtaste -
you know the good thing about oliver trees music is the hook and the chorus, they are usually packed with energy and its just so catchy and satisfying that its just worth listening the entire song for. now imagine a song without one of those catchy and satisfying hooks, yeah this song sucks
ihavebadtaste -
this beat sucks
ihavebadtaste -
this is probably peak nickelback and its still dogshit lmao

i mean half of these songs are the same shitty pop rock ballad that played on the radio 24/7 so im used to them but the rest is just so bad

if i actually took this album seriously and not as a nickelback album itd be like a 4 because of the lyrics holy shit the lyrics who the fuck writes these lines
ihavebadtaste -
this album takes the best out of black album and just does it for like an hour
its absolutely nothing special

thanks for 50 followers btw
Feb 4, 2021
Thanks >:)
Feb 4, 2021
I would like you to listen to any sweet trip album pleaseeeeeeeeeeee you'd love them, or the panchiko album
Jan 7, 2021
Thank your for participating in the list! Here is the link:
Jan 5, 2021
The final song of an album is one of the most important things to it. To make you feel satisfied, an album closer has to look at everything an album has done and say, "Hey, how am I going to make a satisfying ending to this story?" Album closers are incredibly hard to execute and many don't feel how they should. It takes a lot of talent for an artist to wrap up their own piece of work effectively and make a listener feel satisfied.

Which leads me to my question: what is your favorite album closer/finale of all time and why?
Nov 16, 2020
hello friend.
Jul 3, 2020
Hey! Sorry to bug you, but I just finished a new little EP and I’d love some feedback on it if you have the time! I tried to keep a somewhat dreamy and funky sound throughout and I’m very proud of how it turned out. Also, this is a big experiment for me so I’d like to know your favourite and least favourite tracks and why.

May 1, 2020
Hello fellow man/woman/pronoun, what’s your favorite album to exercise to? I’m gonna put all the submissions into a list and listen to pick the most uplifting tracks and organize them into the AOTY Workout Playlist 2020.
Dec 7, 2019
i’m actually curious to know why i thought it was good :(
Dec 6, 2019
hi this is the police why did you give rwby a 10 you slut
you can call me sissel (he/him)

a 100 from me means quite literally nothing if i love an album ill give it a 100 thats how it be, thats how it is, it is how it is
if you read this tell me your favorite album i wanna listen to it
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