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Kavoj -
Just beautiful. Tyler opening up about so many of his emotions works so well over this production. This is what I feel like Wolf was aiming for a bit, and it almost made it but was just holding back a little bit, despite that album still being amazing, this one is ahead of it a bit. Even if it doesn't have a direct story with characters, this album keeps your attention song to song with lush production, excellent flows from Tyler, interesting and personal lyrics, and much more. I can't say much ... read more
Kavoj -
This album is amazing. The production is updated, uplifting and just beautiful at points, or hard as fuck when it needs to be. Wolf is the sequel to Bastard, Tyler's first mixtape, and the prequel to Goblin, Tyler's debut album. After Tyler is seen by Dr. TC as a good but misguided kid, he sends him to Camp Flog Gnaw where he can hopefully open up and develop as a person around other troubled kids. He meets Sam, who is basically hostile towards him the whole time, well, to the character ... read more
Kavoj -
Tyler had a fire ass start to his career. 17, all self produced, all made by a depressed, angry teenager wanting to get his rage out there and share it with the world. This was what I wanted to hear more of in Goblin that we sadly didn't get. The production may be lowkey at points, but is so damn moody, otherwordly almost, and just overall detailed as shit. Tyler's signature synths in many tracks. The Bastard-Wolf-Goblin story starts here as Tyler first meets Dr. TC and is asked about his life. ... read more
Kavoj -
Not as bad as many say but definitely not Tyler's best musical attempt. The albums main problem is being long and dragged out and really not having a reason to be imo. But let's dive into the storyline, it starts where many thought Bastard left off (But later on we find out it's where WOLF ends because that's the prequel to this), with Dr. TC talking with Tyler about his problems and how fucked Tyler has been feeling and acting out in the storyline. Now many people bring up the overly edgy ... read more
Kavoj -
Has some good songs, that take it really high like FIND YOUR WINGS, 2SEATER, FUCKING YOUNG/PERFECT, Brown Stains, SMUCKERS, and OKAGA, CA. But honestly, the rest is either mid to dogshit. DEATHCAMP is alright I guess, but honestly shit like CHERRY BOMB is annoying as hell. This album also didn't continue the Bastard-Wolf-Goblin storyline but I mean that's fine, it had a good ending in Goblin but because there is no real story the album ain't as interesting.
Feb 17, 2020
Feb 17, 2020
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