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Apr 13, 2019*
The magnum opus from a band that sprinted downhill, fast, from the peak that this album placed them on. Though every other album they made (aside from this one and the one after) is subpar, average or even really bad, I can say this album is one of my favorites from the 00 - 10's decade. The sounds on this album remind me of so many before them; I hear My Morning Jacket, Iron and Wine, Red House Painters, etc, and subtle tinges of grandiose indie pop like Arcade Fire. This album is a quilt of ... read more
Apr 6, 2019
A seriously unrated album and one I have been listening to again recently on repeat. It is essentially the soundtrack to my later years of high school and will always carry that nostalgic value for me. Really psychedelic but with poppy, infectious beats that stick with you. Along with this there are layers upon layers of sounds and intricacies in each song allowing each one, or "part", to stand out really well as they roll seamlessly together as unit. I have always been a big fan of ... read more
Apr 6, 2019
I really have a hard time hating anything Connor Oberst makes. Was not a huge Phoebe Bridges fan but grew more into her after hearing her on the new group "boygenius". That said, I was excited to hear how she sounded with the Bright Eyes legend. Really enjoyed the album all and all; nothing crazy spectacular in terms of album composition but many standout tracks that really emphasize Oberst's, and even Bridger's, talent for lyrics and emotional songwriting. Growing ever more fond of ... read more
Apr 6, 2019
A sweet and melancholic mixture of emo, shoe gaze and post rock creates an amazing, warm atmosphere for the totality of the album - an amazing journey.
Feb 10, 2019
I really am just not feeling this album - I will say I tend not to listen to a lot of all out sugary pop like this album so it may be hard for me to be more "objective". She definitely makes an attempt to add some r&b flavors into the mixture but that's not really anything new or creative in terms of pop; the attempt at the addition here still sounds super generic. That said I just don't see anything exemplary in this album. Nothing really different or progressive in terms of pop ... read more
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New to the website - using it to express and keep track of my thoughts on albums new and old.

I will be trying to get long reviews posted but for now reviews will probably be shorter as I start rating stuff.

You may see a lot of 10's and generally positive reviews as I will start with albums I already know I like.
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