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Polilla - Demo
Jul 30

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 - My Swamp

quaint cozy comfy synth about an elderly Shrek's daily routine after the passing of Fiona. this sounds like a hilarious concept, and it is, but bizarrely this is one of the more genuine and effective comfy synth releases i've heard. it doesn't feel like a dumb meme - someone put some love into this. and i appreciate that!

from the bandcamp:
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕘 𝕠𝕘𝕣𝕖! ... read more

 - Romantik I
melodic heavy metal with medieval synth melodies and folk rock/folk pop influence. listen to it
 - Vaultage 003
after all the bad rick and morty brostep i had to listen to from a coworker at my last job, hearing brostep that's actually good has been a bizarre and revelatory experience
 - Pee Pee Poo Poo
wasn't sure whether to give this a 10 or a 100 but i had to be honest with myself

2 weeks later edit: i can't stop singing it. baby kata haunts my every waking moment. if anyone ever frees baby kata from their tile prison deep underground we're all done for

 - Demo I (The Sad Spirit)

depressive, droning dungeon synth tape with darkwave influence. the vibe is potent - deep and velvety dark magic under the night sky


I can't help but feel a bit of sadness and pity at the fact that you're 34 behaving like a teenager in pre-puberty who still thinks that saying ''your mom'' equals an own. Anyways, I've blocked people for far less than what you've done, so it's time for you to get on that list too.

I'll raise my glass to your growth in maturity, or lack thereof, whatever you fancy. I'm sure the sociocultural fighters are happy to have such an immature, quick-to-judge and rabid person among their ranks, I'm sure it helps their cause a whole lot (spoiler alert, it doesn't, it actually has the reverse effect).

Although, if you were to read a book on how to actually make your point without alienating everybody, your steadfastness might actually help them. Take what you will from this, although I'm confident in how you'll feel like responding to this considering your level of maturity that amounts to one of a 13 years old, so no need to waste more time, onto the blocked list! Cheers!
Shrek is a landlord yet you gave his album an 80? Wow. Your morals don't stand up down the road.
I hope you'll know better than replying to this with a ''your mom'' joke or trying to shift it all on me, it's not too late for an apology, but what you'll say next will constitute the very thing that will make me press the trigger regarding if I give you a chance or block you right off. It's on you.
You spent more than one hour typing all of this, it'd be a shame if I were to solely respond to all of this with a ''mom'' joke. I won't go that low, but what I'll say is that judging from your last load of messages, it feels like you think that you know what type of person I am, but reading your messages, the conclusion I come to is that you, in fact, don't. You continuously see me through the lense of how you think the average AOTY user is like, it's an innacurate generalisation.

I've spent already too much of my precious time on this whole ebate and I feel like it's time for it to end. As a final note, I encourage you to think this through: this entire thing was your doing. I came on your profile to recommend a record in nothing but friendly terms, and you proceeded to insult me in return. This doesn't say much about me, but it says a whole lot about you.
your mom
why dont you seperate my balls from your mouth
your "argument" has so little substance it couldve been condensed to like three sentences or less without losing any meaning"

I disagree. If I were to do that, you’d call me out on shit that’s untrue because you’d have misunderstood the entirety of my perspective.

"We both agree that your mom gay, check."

Aren’t you a tad old to still be making "your mom" jokes? I’ve seen 14 years olds on this site grow out of that phase.
"yeah, i dont tolerate any of that stuff, and you tolerate rapists. the way you phrased this, it's almost like you agree with me on all the other stuff, but you personally just make an exception for rapists. I will shame you for this"

I don’t tolerate rapists. If a friend of mine raped someone, I would confront him and he’d be banished from my circle. Tolerating rapists ≠ tolerating music made by a band which includes a rapist.

"What if my line was drawn way lower than that. it's not. again with the fantasy hypotheticals lmao. if you support rapists you should be told off. if you make excuses and weak justifications for it you should be told off" (and subsequent message)

You’re missing the point. I’m using this analogy to show you how your reasoning doesn’t stand the road.

"i dont think you know what a strawman is either"

You’re correct. Upon rereading your latest messages, you haven’t used a straw-man.

"or context for that matter lmao"

Now that’s untrue.
"name one single album I have rated that "supports murder" lmfao. do you also think slasher films take a "pro-murder" stance? goofy shit"

I’m sure it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to state that many hardcore punk albums use murder and violence lyrically in support of their anarchist ideologies.

"I've given lots of misogynist shit 0s. like that lil ugly mane album with the slick Rick song. but cancelling any rapper who says "bitch" or "hoe" would be stupid unless theyre actually using them to attack women"

Why would it be stupid? How is it any different than me saying: "cancelling Lamar for using the f-slur would be stupid unless he’s actually using it to attack LGBTQ+ people?"


34, they/them, CHECK MY TAGS
METAL MAUSOLEUM is a 21+ leftist-only metal/grind/hardcore server. zero tolerance for nazis/assholes/bigots/"separating art from artist."
57 music channels broken down by genre (including non-metal/core stuff) and a bunch of chat channels. daily group-listen events with ratings and stats tracked in google sheets. lastfm integration. friendly and tight-knit community
a similar DUNGEON SYNTH server

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