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nightshadely -
Fetch The Bolt Cutters, one of the few albums that got me into finding out other interesting genres, it sits alongside my favorite albums of all time with Pinkerton, Blue Album (Weezer) and Madvillainy. All four of those albums showed me different aspects of music I liked and craved for, each album sounds unique well except for Blue and Pinkerton they might sound a lot similar but each album is a different genre, alternative rock, art pop and hip-hop. And after tens of albums I'm thinking of ... read more

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nightshadely -
Alright, shorty review *again* because next week I have legit no time to write review so why not pour my ideas and thoughts into an album I've recently listened to? Oh and also personally I really feel this is an album, it accompanies the film fairly well and tells the story of a young boy desperately clawing and trying to become one of the greats. A story we're most likely familiar with but with a twist! It's all going on in jazz school. By the way no film review because if I truly did review ... read more
nightshadely -
Man, what a single put out by Niki! Wasn't expecting this to bop so hard. Anyways I'm gonna dedicate a review to this song because fuck it sounds amazing. With some fairly good amount of influences by Hall & Oates and I'd say a bit of blues and disco influence. Overall that instrumental carried the song in which it's becoming one of my favorites with other tracks from albums, with an overall solid performance from Niki in the track I think the reason why I love this so much is because how ... read more
nightshadely -
So, Spiderland. Ironically this album had very little marketing to begin with, only being sent onto stores with barely anybody knowing who they were and what this album sounded like. Man was I not expecting something for this to sound so good and feel so off. The first few seconds with the vocals not being at all in sync with the instruments got me feeling a bit confused until I truly found what truly made this album amazing, no it's not the cover. It's just the overall vibe of the album.

Me, ... read more
nightshadely -
short review because i just found out the deluxe edition existed so yes here it is:

Oh wow if only Weezer could put out another album better than Pinkerton! Until in 2010 Rivers gave us the B-Sides and additional takes for the deluxe edition of Pinkerton and my god do these sound just as good as the original release of Pinkerton. "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" being a more melodramatic and in my opinion overall mature version of the song "Why Bother", with the more ... read more
nightshadely -
Well happy new year, it might be fairly overdue but well I've been busy to say the least. 2021 came up with some overall good releases with SIMBI, CMIYGL and Donda to name a few. Yet we can't deny there were a lot of underwhelming and overall boring releases this year with CLB, Prioritise Pleasure and WAAITT. Of course I'd review those albums at some point in 2022 as a little remembrance for 2021 but because I haven't posted in a while a hip-hop album that still proves to me that gangsta rap ... read more


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also i don't usually do meme reviews and like to take music a bit seriously so sorry if i may be a bit harsh in your favorite albums, and ratings are singles/albums i listened to

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