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alt-J - U&ME
Sep 22

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Athena -
This album is going to be impossible to talk about without discussing its rollout. With the notoriety of Kanye and his frankly incredible repertoire, every Kanye release is an "event album", and the process of their rollout is often... convoluted to say the least. Donda's rollout, however, is arguably the most "event" of any of them yet. Several high-profile listening parties, rumours for years, and the developing versions of tracks dating back to the unreleased, fabled ... read more

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Athena -
While BADBADNOTGOOD continue their slew of great releases, I do feel that Talk Memory is their most derivative yet. The group replaces much of their previously bombastic stylings with those much similar to late 60's/early 70's fusion, which defiinitely still makes for a great listen, though I feel it makes the release much less innovative and exciting.
Athena -
/NR/ (sort of)

I'll review this fully eventually. There's a lot to unpack, just know for now that I think this is /insanely/ good, and shows a real refining of the instrumentals and chaos of Schlagenheim into a prog masterpiece that solidifies Black Midi as a band at the forefront of modern musical innovation.
Athena -
I'm really not sure I'm well equipped to give this album a sufficient review. I haven't ever heard anything like this; It's a hearbreaking, phenomonal artistic statement that defies all of the accepted ideas about what rap and experimental rap can be. The sound pallette has changed from the JPEG-Style light-hearted glitches and synths of their previous LP into that of a shattered, fractured mix where every segment of each song has been thrown out of wack, and yet it retains this haunting melody ... read more
Athena -
Pom Poko's sophmore rarely rises to excellence, but it definitely stands out as a /real/ nice noise pop album - Fangel's ever-unique vocal delivery provides for some really interesting sounds that just aren't present anywhere else. Where the album falls is often in a quest to make the sounds more experimental than they need to be, which can occaisionally come off more grasting than innovative. When listening to the album, I'm often reminded of LCD Soundsystem - despite their totally different ... read more
Athena -
Holy shit.

I'd never delved into Simz's solo music heavily before - like many, I'd heard that she was an underrated, incredible rapper after her previous album, but for some reason or other, I never checked her out beyond a few features. Part of me is glad about that, because it means I went into this album completely blind, which ended up providing me the best first-listen experience I've had this entire year.

Without a doubt, this is an instant classic. Every single part of SIMBI is crafted ... read more


Jun 29, 2021
I think I'm generally finally starting to get happy with most of the reviews I put out - I think I'm putting a lot more care and effort into them and conveying how I feel about albums a lot more accurately than I used to, to the point where I don't cringe reading my reviews from like, a month back
Apr 21, 2021
putting off reviewing Twin Fantasy by saying it'll be my 100 follower special =^]
Feb 3, 2021
i haven't even heard that album but idk this review just took me to this place, hard to explain. really descriptive
Feb 3, 2021
no problem man. from people with low followers, that's genuinely one of the best reviews i've read on here. looking forward to more! (:
Nov 24, 2020
Real....most musicans honestly hours
Nov 24, 2020
Hell yeah Hawaii Part 2 fanclub.

Fuck Joe Hawley tho
Nov 12, 2020
Whats your favorite Wu-Tang album (solo projects included)
Sep 14, 2020
thank you! i had a lot of fun working on that last year - so much nostalgia in some of those songs from the early years of the decade.
Sep 7, 2020
Aug 19, 2020
what about the five act episode ?


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