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Clairo - Sling
Jul 22

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Athena -
Enchanting *really* is the best word for what's on display here. Armoured with the whimsical, adventurous sounds of contemporary Christmasy musique, Spellling reinforces them with bold, baroque instrumentation, creating an absolute masterpiece; it's like the soundtrack to the perpetual winter of Narnia.

I've seen many comparisons to Spellling and Kate Bush, but honestly, I see her more alike Joanna Newsom, not least for her unique, falsetto vocals. Just like Newsom, these vocals often push ... read more

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Athena -
Jaar really is on a nigh-unstoppable streak. From last year's Cenizas and Telas, easily two of the greatest ambient albums to have come out in recent years, to the equally great Against All Logic record released last year. In creating so many musical projects covering so many sounds, Jaar somehow accomplishes the impossible in defining a distinct, recognisable and familiar sound in all of these, whilst making them fully unqiue, too.

Naturally, the sound here is created with the help of Dave ... read more
Athena -
I really won't pretend to know enough about jazz or modern classical to sufficiently review them as well as many others on this site can - I only got in to both genres just short of a year ago, and I'm still learning. That said, this album sounds like a beautiful, serene and at times almost transcendental mixture of Alice Coltrane and Phillip Glass; not too surprising, considering Sanders was the saxophonist on Coltrane's opus, Journey in Satchidananda. Frankly, it's incredible that he's ... read more
Athena -
Claire Cottrill broke onto the bedroom pop scene in 2017 with her single "Pretty Girl". She built off of the success and lo-fi, comfy sound of that track for her debut album under the moniker Clairo, Immunity. Now, Immunity was fine; it was overshadowed by far superior pop releases that year, but it was definitely a good record, and I was excited to see what came next - and I didn't expect this.

In Sling, Clairo moves away from the standard, electronic infused indie pop of her ... read more
Athena -
I really do not hate myself to re-listen to this enough for a succinct review. All I can say is that Tones and I continues to create more awful music, with some of these tracks even topping the hellworld hit Dance Monkey, and the even worse followup single.
Athena -
Reflektor is probably Arcade Fire's most polarizing album (Assuming that, generally, people aren't divided on Everything Now; they just don't like it). This album was generally the biggest change in genre the band had made to date; Funeral and The Suburbs are very much-so a two parter, and while unique, Neon Bible still followed the trends of 2000's indie, albeit with a much darker tone. Here, however, Arcade Fire ditch much of the soft, hipster-esque indie in place of alternative, thumping ... read more


Jun 29, 2021
I think I'm generally finally starting to get happy with most of the reviews I put out - I think I'm putting a lot more care and effort into them and conveying how I feel about albums a lot more accurately than I used to, to the point where I don't cringe reading my reviews from like, a month back
Apr 21, 2021
putting off reviewing Twin Fantasy by saying it'll be my 100 follower special =^]
Feb 3, 2021
i haven't even heard that album but idk this review just took me to this place, hard to explain. really descriptive
Feb 3, 2021
no problem man. from people with low followers, that's genuinely one of the best reviews i've read on here. looking forward to more! (:
Nov 24, 2020
Real....most musicans honestly hours
Nov 24, 2020
Hell yeah Hawaii Part 2 fanclub.

Fuck Joe Hawley tho
Nov 12, 2020
Whats your favorite Wu-Tang album (solo projects included)
Sep 25, 2020
i have left four successive reviews complaining about uninspired pop, i really need to stop reviewing singles
Sep 14, 2020
thank you! i had a lot of fun working on that last year - so much nostalgia in some of those songs from the early years of the decade.
Sep 7, 2020


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