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Kanye West
Sep 17

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Nino2506 -
review on donda probably tomorrow
my school decided to put like 1000 homework in 3 weeks
that's why I didn't reviewed anything for a while

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Nino2506 -
worth the wait
Nino2506 -
probably the best song ever
Nino2506 -
I started to notice how difficult it is to get disappointed by a Young Thug lead single (by a single overall actually).

The track is awesome. The beat in here is like Hot and Ski, but that's not a criticism 'cause it's still fantastic (shoutout to Rocco Dit It Again! and Dr. Luke). Young Thug shows once again why he's the best vocalist in the rap game. Thug switches his flows and vocals every time on this track, and all of them are incredible. Also, the hook is hella catchy.

Overall, this ... read more
Nino2506 -
Wow. I have never listened to any Kevin Abstract before, and my first listen to him was amazing.

Kevin Abstract's performance on the verses was great. The autotune was weird for me in the beginning, but I quickly got used to it. Ryan Beatty's hook was also beautiful. His singing gives me nostalgia for some reason. The production in here is also phenomenal.

Overall, I loved this track and I hope the other songs from Kevin are the same quality or better.
Nino2506 -
Is not bad, but I wouldn't want it in his next album (it's for the madden soundtrack, so I guess is not on his album).

Denzel Curry is just trying to have a fun time on this song and I really can't get mad at that. The verses are entertaining with a catchy and simple flow, and he's energy is also crazy. The beat is also good, with a heavy bass. The hook is not bad, although is kinda mid.

Overall, this track is fine and I don't think it would fit a album called "Melt My Eyez, See Your ... read more


Sep 16, 2021
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