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Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
important lesson for life: wait until the very end of the year to make "end of the year" lists

Angel: This album starts off in a wonderful way. The instrumental in here is spectacular with some soulful elements to it. I love how it slightly switches up by the end of the track. Little Simz proves once again that she is one of the best in the game here with clever and emotional verses. The chorus is performed by Cleo Sol and honestly sounds amazing. Overall, I really like ... read more

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Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Quadeca's evolution is so good to look at. This is a special moment.

sorry4dying: Such a beautiful way to start the album. The instrumental is amazing with lots of variations and an atmosphere out of this world. Quadeca does a really good job in here introducing the main story of the album. He raps for a while but he mostly sing and it sounds amazing. The second half of the song is more focused in the instrumental variations and it's so beautiful, especially the last minute. More vocals could ... read more

Metro Boomin - HEROES & VILLAINS
I know that Metro is an amazing producer, but this album surpassed all my expectations.

On Time: This is a decent opener to the album. The production in the first half is fantastic, but John Legend's singing can be hit or miss here. Sometimes he sounds good and sometimes he sounds like a horrified goat. The second half of the track is the best part imo. It transitions nicely into the next track and it just sounds awesome. Overall, good way to introduce an album.
Superhero (Heroes & ... read more

The Weeknd - Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)
Ok, this one is definitely interesting.

The instrumental goes hard as shit. The atmosphere provided by the coral and the instruments is spectacular. The Weeknd does a good job overall. His style of singing matches the track every well. One thing that bothers me is the length. If it was a minute shorter, it would have been way more replayable.

Overall, this is the standard track for a blockbuster film that actually sounds really good.

A$AP Rocky - Shittin' Me
I hope his next album sounds like this 'cause this was awesome.

Rocky is having a lot of fun in here. His delivery is interesting, the lines are funny and the hook is pretty fun too. The beat is amazing as well. It can be a little too chaotic, but it has a lot of personality to it. The instrumental variation in the middle of the track sounds cool too. Also love that the song is short. It would definitely be boring if it was 3 minutes long.

Overall, this song was amazing. Hope his album drop ... read more

Joji - Glimpse of Us

Joji actually conquered the world when this song released. GOD DAMN!!!

This is absolutely fantastic. Yes, it's a piano ballad, but it's also so effective at being so. Joji's vocals are so angelic is almost ridiculous. No one should sing this well, it should be illegal. The song has a simplistic but hard-hitting story to follow. The instrumentation should have been basic, but it's really not. It's simple, yeah, but it's so good it doesn't even matter that ... read more


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Just a random dude who really likes rap/RnB songs.
I also love Splatoon
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