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Jan 16

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OvidiuPop -

In this review I will not get trough each and every one of the tracks because I would just repeat myself over and over. Maybe in the future I will make an update where I would listen to each song one by one and between of them I will do some notes, because in the last few reviews for every track that I've talked about I listened, I thought about it for a bit like I was talking to someone, if it had detailed lyrics I red them and after that move on to the next one.

This album it's ... read more
OvidiuPop -

First I see that list of the greatest rappers of all time that was horrible written and which had Nas nad Jay Z in the second and first spot. Then I listen to his discography, then King's Disease came out, then some EPs start floating around, then in 2021 the sequal came out, then I was surprised that he got a master class and that was sick, then this new short LP and this year the third one in the series. If you're a Nas fan this period might be the best to be around because Nas ... read more
OvidiuPop -

I wanted a random album from a rock band in the 2000s and this is what I picked. I was not crazy about Mogwai so far, I did listen to two albums so far and didn't got impressed by them. So I reflected on each track and at the end every one of them as a whole.

1. I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead

The first track didn't impressed me. It was the boring Mogwai that I knew and the instrumentation sounded cheap and uninspired and that remained until the end of the track list, just this ... read more
OvidiuPop -
I will make in a week from now a second review where I will talk about the tracks that I didn't covered them here, the reason being that at the mid point I picked up Shawn Cee's style of reviewing which consists on reaction on a track and making a little reflection on and everything that plays out in it, the album and the artist as a whole, and after the seventh song I started to use that technique.

7. You can't stop me loving you

This is another song from the track list that ... read more
OvidiuPop -
(1/8/2022) This compilation, as the title says, the first four albums it's at almost twenty minutes long and has songs at maximum two minutes and that's my issue with that: it's way too short. While Imagine Dragons have put garbage rock songs from the last two years and long, OFF in the early 2010s were keeping it short and it sould've been viceversa. The example of Imagine Dragons was random and doesn't really matches that much with OFF if you think about it but you get the point.


Jan 15, 2022
Hey, sorry for the late reply, I just listened to that track that you suggested me to check out. It sounds really unique and interesting, even for me, that I have no idea on classical music. Thanks for the recommendation!
Jan 10, 2022
Alright! Thank you for the recommendation :)
Jan 9, 2022
Hey, I just got done listening to one of them, and I have to say, it's a very beautiful composition. The 13 minutes seemed to fly right by, with the first half being relaxing and the second more upbeat and exciting. I do think the structure was fairly predictable, but overall it left me mostly impressed.
Jan 9, 2022
sure, could you send me the Spotify link? There's a bunch of projects with the same name and it's kinda confusing
Jan 6, 2022
Let's say I distribute the support to those I like and those who deserve it, so since there are thousands of people active for thousands of reviews each, that explains the number of likes. And as for becoming "popular" I just think that people appreciate my work
You don't become popular with clickbait, because the phenomenon fades very quickly
Dec 24, 2021
It's just something I'm passionate about and it's pretty much what I want to do with my life. It means a lot to me and I always love finding new great bands or artists to listen to and learn from. So yea :)
Dec 22, 2021
mmm I guess i'm interested in finding new stuff constantly, and music is probably one of the most accessible things to do so
Dec 22, 2021
I assume you meant to ask why I listen to music; I just find it to be an accessible artform that I can go to at pretty much any point in the day without it really interrupting anything important. It's a good way to pass the time if there isn't anything better to do or I'm just not in the mood for anything else, and it really is a never ending journey. There's so much great music out there that I'd love to discover, and whenever I come across an album that really connects with me, it can connect with me in such a way that I can discover emotions that I never even realized before.
Dec 22, 2021
I usually just try to listen to tunes to pad my day out, because I don't really have that much to do until work starts
Dec 4, 2021
I see where you're coming from. Yeah I rarely listen to something based on the cover art. If I'm going to try out a new artist, it's usually because I've run into the name a lot before or because I've heard they're similar to an act or genre I already really enjoy.

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