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pontesarthur -
Well, im kind shocked. I trully wasnt expecting this album to be what it is. I have never listened to any Kelly Lee songs and now i need to listen her debut album.

I think im going to rewrite this review later, but for now, all i can say is that this album is so good. Im really in shock. I didnt know what to expect and it really overcame everything i was hoping for, because i was expecting some Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Weyes Blood kind of vibe and its far from it, i mean, too far. Really ... read more
pontesarthur -
Ok. Im writing this while im listening the album, right now im in the middle of Daises and up until now im loving the album. Going through the reviews i see that a lot of people find Smile boring etc etc etc.. Well, i don't know why people always assume the worst of Katy Perry's songs. Since the release of her last album all I see are people demanding and demanding more and more of her and I don't thinks thats fair. The same goes for Lady Gaga. For me, i think people always expect a similar ... read more
pontesarthur -
Without a doubt, Whole New Mess is a whole new experience into Olsen's world. If we compare the two piece of work (All Mirros and Whole New Mess) its fair to say that AM is a masterpiece and also WNM.

Im not the best person to write about music because i don't know shit about it, but for me, some songs in WNM sounded even better than in AM, Tonight (Without You) for example, it sounded deeper and raw, and im totally in love for this version, another powerhouse song that was improved by ... read more
pontesarthur -
Heres the truth: Titanic Rising is Weyes Blood's best album to date. Listening to the old songs Natalie release, its obvious (at least for me) that she has been building her way to stardom. I mean, not one single person can say or think, one second, this album is anything but perfect and complete. This past years im rellay into Baroque Pop and TR was the album that brought me here and the one that make me like this kind of music.
pontesarthur -
YES! My girls are back with their sophmore album and its amazing. The first time i heard to Under My Influencer i was like "hmmm i really like this project?" and now the answer is yes.

I think The Aces is one of the coolest indie pop groups we have now, and this new album proves it. I cant stop thinking about that this new album is in some way very similar to their last project but i thinks this is even better, mature. Proving that these girls are improving a lot in their sound and ... read more
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I'm basically looking for songs that make me feel like I'm living a dream or a TV series. Like I'm walking down the street and out of nowhere I have my own soundtrack. I think life is much more interesting with music, that's why i'm here. More than criticizing i'm here to share what i feel when i listen to some new music (even if they are old for some).
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