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slowthai - TYRON
Feb 12

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Rater -
Firstly, as an introduction, I wanted to express my grief and give some appreciation for MF DOOM, before jumping onto the review of the actual album. MF DOOM was one of the most beloved and important rappers of all time, personally my favorite and has shaped up my music taste to be what it is today, this record and "Madvillainy" in particular have sparked my interest and passion for music as an art form as a whole and have led me to discover so many other incredible LPs. I'm still ... read more

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Rater -
Charli XCX’s latest effort lingers along the same lines of the forward-thinking hyperpop layout that she has built for herself over the years and particularly pioneered, culminating into this expressive quarantine record; one of the most scrupulous to come out of that interval, for that matter. Albeit a bit cautious with its experimentations, as it could’ve dived deeper into stylistic compositions that she hasn’t crashed with yet, “how i’m feeling now” ... read more
Rater -
With this release slowthai only reassures that all of the daring and unorthodox ideas which inundated his celebrated debut album have ran perilously thin. “TYRON” finds him recycling trivial trap and pop rap tropes and only without throwing into the mix the slightest of originality. Not only does slowthai not reinvent upon the mainstream formula, but he also doesn’t even achieve a collection of tracks that are properly pieced together with addictive and accessible patterns, ... read more
Rater -
Yves Tumor finally mastered their template with “Heaven To A Tortured Mind”, finalizing a technique that is so anomalous within the field in which they had previously set themselves in, that it should only be regarded as a paragon of artistry for years to come. With this release they have stepped out of their comfort zone considerably, initiating in this vapoury and necromantic funk rock design, not while maintaining distance from other branches, but also deviating vastly from their ... read more
Rater -
Moses Sumney had always been someone who sought to stand out from the crowd. Whether it was through his music, the way he had presented himself as a human being or mirrored in some of the disruptive events that may have preceded his long-awaited and merited breakthrough into the scene, the recipe was one to look out for, as it was implying success. He wasn’t an individual that was doing one’s utmost to conform to stereotypes or social norms; he was aiming to break the mould. He ... read more
Rater -
Black Country, New Road have been quite an anomaly within the industry leading up to their debut album. Despite only originating in 2018, deriving from a malfunctioning act that was broken apart due to allegations, and only possessing a very compact catalog, composed of a mere collection of 4 singles, they have acquired a sizeable following, especially within a rather particular subsection of music listeners. This swiftly obtained fan base is only merited, as they have proceeded cautiously into ... read more


Sep 22, 2021
Welp, I currently have a dislocated knee & been stuck at home mainly for the last few weeks. Besides that, things have been pretty good lol
Sep 19, 2021
Doing pretty good too. Thanks for asking.
Sep 19, 2021
I've been all over the place my friend lol. How have you been?
Sep 16, 2021
It's cool to see you on here again friend!
Sep 15, 2021
ur a legend on aoty. glad to see u semi active again! :))
Sep 15, 2021
u r very cool!
Sep 15, 2021
Ah Okay. How are you man?
Sep 12, 2021
Hope you're having a good day today :) ❤
Sep 10, 2021
Hope you come back soon.
Aug 30, 2021
Like the other dude, I'm here to pay respects to the goat. hope you're doing good Rater

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