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ricardomcr -
Where has this record been all my life?
And then...this is actually a debut record?!

It's such gentle honest songwriting, such a peculiar voice and very good choices when it comes to the mixing, what to let shine through at each moment. There's just so much right with least one song is bound to instantly connect with you.

GO LISTEN TO: Call me on your way back home.
ricardomcr -
It's the weird ADHD child of rock music and jazz fusion compositional elements.
Throws a lot of ideas at your face and mostly succeeds in every one, impressive when you realise this is one of the first attempts at this amalgam of genres.
The drums are what really shape it for me, so so crisp. But everyone here is a master at their craft.

GO LISTEN TO: Meeting of the Spirits.
ricardomcr -
This has been a soundtrack album for months, one of those late-coming revelations.
Inspired songwriting and storytelling, good melodies and the ability to write a catchy hook but also know when to let more unconventional song structures flourish and develop naturally. Autobiographical but relatable as the lyrics leave room for interpretation. There's meaning to be found in all sorts of catholic, elemental or numeric symbolism.
This is emo done right.

GO LISTEN TO: Degausser.
ricardomcr -
It does usher in it's own sound...if anything, even more so than the lyrical content or the themes approached, I just get intrigued by the sound design choices here, it's certainly different. The ballad tracks are more appealing to me than the edgy angsty pseudo-threatening emo cuts. There's a lot to be liked, there's a lot better out there too. It is original in the way it refuses to stray from its sound during the entire runtime.

GO LISTEN TO: When the Party's Over.
ricardomcr -
First good recommendation I got in a while.
This is a lot of what's been playing for the past week. Extremely chunky riffs with a great stoner feel to them. The songwritting is interesting and unformulaic with a good balance and progression between themes and levels of complexity throughout the tracklist. Everything that's more straightfoward balances out with a more expansive and developed track after.
Thr drumms are on point, Homme's vocals aren't craaaazy but he's more than capable. This ... read more
Jul 25, 2019
Jul 25, 2019
They made it far too easy to believe that true romance can't be achieved these days.
Jun 13, 2019
I never loved the Jonas Brothers as much...
May 18, 2019
Yes...YES! The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep, one last time!
May 17, 2019
I love you and I miss you Mr. Gandalf ❤️
Apr 23, 2019
Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done, the Dornishman's taken my life.
But what does it matter? For all men must die, and I've tasted the Dornishman's Wife!
Apr 20, 2019
Yes, my friend. It was a dark tough night but it's over now!
Apr 19, 2019
My baby's Audi parked outside.
Call my mom and let her know that everything's alright.
Apr 19, 2019
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