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SamiSan -
90 - Always bopping

I had heard from all of you that MF DOOM is a good artist to get into hip hop and rap with. It made me anticipate this album that much more. However, I also didn’t expect just how listenable this entire album is. MF DOOM is, easily, one of the most consistent artists I have ever listened to. Over 15 tracks, Dumile cultivates a certain vibe and he holds it. There is no faltering. Every beat works. Everything synergizes with the next sample. It’s a project with so ... read more
SamiSan -
80 - 4 bops ('Oh Shit!!!' 'Bad Boys 3' 'S on Ya Chest' 'Girl With the Gold Wrist')

This is possibly the greatest surprise I've ever had. I came into 'Floss' expecting a mixtape which would probably turn me off well through the first half. What I didn't expect was a mixtape that held my attention until the end, with a middling closing sequence. They may not stick the landing, but Injury Reserve has more than proved to me that rap can be accessible, and it can be something I enjoy. I didn't ... read more
SamiSan -
72 - UNIQUE SCORE (Read review for context)

I hope you forgive me for this score. I also hope you read this full essay before you go to the comments.

Concerned. That’s perhaps the best way to describe my initial emotions upon playing this album for the first time. I know of this album’s success, and I know of its technical brilliance. I also know there is no fathomable way in which I can comprehend how this album is great. I might know I’m listening to something from a ... read more
SamiSan -
90 - A True Bop, Minus Some Secret Sauce

After the original trilogy, I had thought myself done with Ryan Karazija's music. Both 'Ross' and 'Inure' didn't catch my interest in the same way; their folk roots seemed to inundate the usual effect of Karazija's atmospheric, emotional compositions. But, if anything, this new single, 'Everything To Lose,' off Low Roar's upcoming record has me ecstatic for what's to come.

The instrumental layering atop the scintillating synth bassline is something I ... read more
SamiSan -
100 - It's a bop!

They first began with the groove. The guitars, the drums, the keyboards. There is noise, and then there is a story. There is a curtain, and a world behind. You struggle under its weight, under the force of the sounds, the cacophony. It’s that perfect storm of post-punk and experimental rock in a way that feels forceful, propulsive, energetic, and entirely consuming. You become wrapped in the folds of the curtain, its dastardly grip, tight, unrelenting. But, all so ... read more


Jun 8, 2021
thanks for your contribution.
May 9, 2021
You'll find an Angus one day, I believe in you
May 9, 2021
following for the gregg pfp
May 6, 2021
Sure, we'll be glad to welcome you
May 6, 2021
ayye, but still thats pretty cool tho. hope you enjoy your time on the site still if you plan on starting anytime :)

also, saw someone invited u to the discord server, so thought id drop the link here :)
May 6, 2021
really liked your comment on Reedys Flower Boy review! Hope to see more of u in the future, even if its not that frequent :)
May 6, 2021
If you would like to I can pass you an invite to our community discord. This isn't promo or anything, I usually invite people I find sweet over here there so we can improve our tight knit community. Only if you'd like to, but anyway I will drop a follow and good luck on here! 🐦
May 6, 2021
welcome to the site buddy. Loved reading what you wrote up for my friend, it really meant a lot to him as he was absolutely delighted about it. Hoepfully we'll get to see some work of yours as well on here 🤍


That writer dude

Reviews are a mix of me just telling stories and weird explanations of songs. Apologies in advance


100: Music = Bop
90: Almost all bops (80%)
80: A majority of bops (60%)
70: A nice collection (40%)
60: A couple hits (20%)
0-50: Barely any bops at all (0-20%)

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