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sominterre -
"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)"
- Sylvia Plath (1953) 'Mad Girl's Love Song'

I never thought that anguish and comfort could coexist in the same place, but if I could create a word to define that feeling I would certainly use this album as a direct reference.
'We Are Alive Beyond Repair' comes abruptly, like a punch in the chest, and shows what it feels like to be frustrated and lost, but at ... read more

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sominterre -
"Even on the beautiful days with that beautiful blue sky; In my eyes, blue is anything but beautiful.
I don’t want to feel blue anymore."

"Spirit Box" by definition is a paranormal research device. It uses a radio with a frequency scan mode meant to detect EVPs and communicate with spirits.
And in 'Eternal Blue', Spiritbox shows us the most agressive, emotional and beautiful debut of the year so far.

The Metalcore scene has been getting generic for quite some time ... read more
sominterre -
Everything is about feeling. And sometimes we can find beauty in gloom.

Growing up and evolving as a human being while you grow together with a band is something inexplicable. And after hearing Deafheaven's new album, I can tell you how important they are to me. Nowadays music is the only thing that can bring me a real feeling, and sometimes music is not just production and stuff like that, sometimes we are lucky to came across albums that not only brings really good songs, but that they also ... read more
sominterre -
The sound of hell never been so catchy.

It's been a really long time that I think this genre is just oversaturated and bland, and this is coming from a hard listener of Deathcore in my teenager days.
But I have to say, Lorna Shore just fucking ruled this scene with their new EP '...And I Return to Nothingness'.
My biggest problem with that genre is how uninspired it sounds nowadays, and I know Deathcore is a very difficult genre to produce anything out of the curve. But Lorna Shore finally ... read more
sominterre -
Finally someone in the mainstream understands the term DEFEND POP PUNK.

Lately we've seen a rise of pop punk in the mainstream, but not in a good way. Several artists bringing this genre back and gaining recognition with it, with horrendous works, while bands that have been doing this for years end up not getting the merit they should have.
Willow finally found yourself in 'lately i feel EVERYTHING'; she not only brings the genre back in a very well done way, also manages to mix other elements ... read more


Aug 28, 2021
Thanks for Following!
Aug 11, 2021
Based score for Mark of the Beast
Jul 16, 2021
fka twigs, SOPHIE, Charli XCX, kate bush and loona
Jul 13, 2021
Jul 13, 2021
which are you favorite artists!!
Jul 12, 2021
tysm for the folllow!
Jul 9, 2021
Oi, que bom que você gostou, minha faixa preferida também foi a última, principalmente essa parte que você mencionou. Vou procurar aqui e ouvir, apesar de não conhecer muitas gosto de bandas nesse estilo. Obrigada pela recomendação :)
Jul 7, 2021
Oi, inclusive encontrei esse site pelo teu perfil lá dsjnjsknwjk o que mais gostei de ouvir esses dias foi o Still Waters Run Deep, do Totem Skin, te indico ele :)
May 14, 2021
Hi! What's up? :)
Mar 31, 2021
aw thanks!! you do too :3


it is what it is

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