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Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd's discography: Part 8 of 15

Man, it's so cool that Pink Floyd made that shirt into an album!

So, I think if Nintendo organized a year long Splatfest which finally settled the "boobs vs. butts" debate once and for all, we as a species would still have spilled less ink than we already have praising "Dark Side of the Moon". Not only is it the fourth best selling album of all time (and the second best selling rock album, behind AC/DC's "Back in Black" ... read more

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avery lain - DIGITAL DEATH...for PlayStation 2
To be read in the voice of a confrontational New Yorker: Oh so you's just gonna start the album wit a Playstation boot up sound? Who does this kid think she is, Frank Ocean or somethin??

What can I say, I'm just a sucker for good drum & bass. Emphasis on bass: some select moments on this project feel less like playing the PS2, and more like being stuck INSIDE one. The low end is so rich its like I'm inside some kind of orb shaped CGI cyber-prison. It's pretty cool, but I have to be ... read more

Someone call Ashton because I'm feeling pretty punk'd right now.

So let's recap. Amidst a pretty sudden breakup, Brockhampton cut loose the incomplete "Roadrunner" era of their career, announcing that the second album in the series, their final album together, would never come. Which was true. But they did later announce that the "final Brockhampton album" would be replaced by a different "final Brockhampton album". Which was also true. And its really good. But ... read more

I think this is likely to be one of their least celebrated projects, and may even upset some fans. But I think in the grand scheme of their discography, this will end up being the most interesting to talk about. "Remember that one time that that boyband's final album was just a therapy session disguised as the frontman's latest solo album?" It's pretty bizarre, and I don't really know how much you could get out of this if you're not already a pretty big Brockhampton fan. And not like, ... read more
Pink Floyd - Animals
Pink Floyd's discography: Part 10 of 15

Ugh, finally: a hot take! Passionately loving a series of emotionally challenging albums was getting so exhausting!

In all seriousness, I think this album is great, but it's definitely missing some very critical characteristics that made their previous successes so powerful. It's a very angry album, but that anger is very present tense and bitter. It's also veeeeeeery on the nose. A mistake that I think Radiohead also made once too, which is a ... read more

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd's discography: Part 9 of 15

I don't think I've ever found the words to express my love for this album, but I submit my resignation in ever finding them. "Dark Side of the Moon" is an album that I think I could talk about for hours, going into the details of the instrumental decisions or the lyrical themes. More to the point, it's really easy for me to understand WHY I love it. On the other hand, there is a blunt simplicity to "Wish You Were Here" that disarms me ... read more


I also make music too if you're interested
Is there any other mixtape of mine you'd like to review
ok, that's all good!
Sorry for the long wait, here's the elevator pitch for each tape described

Princess - how a peace of media can shape the person who views it. My love for others in the form of my favorite movie.

Crush - a love for someone that feels like a boulder crushing your chest. There is no hope from escape. There is only acceptance of your fate

Constellations - an exploration of the cosmos! Travel to every star, and hear how they sound. While your waiting for the lightyears to past you by, enjoy these simulations of how some star systems sounded before they were lost to space. Godspeed, cosmonaut!

GDISKM - gender dysphoria is slowly killing me

Princess - seems to be the most well known. A lot of people would say that is where you should start, and I agree. But I'm not the fondest of it

Crush - this one is the critical darling of the group. Nines and tens are plentiful, compared to princess's consistent string of 8/10s. However, it's one of my longest, and most droning projects. Definitely the one that takes the most commitment to get through

Constellations - my favorite of this bunch, but by no means not long. It's even longer than crush, although I feel it's easier to get through. Less distortion, more space (no pun intended)

GDISKM - I'm the most fond of this, but I wouldn't recommend this as a first listen. It's very scattered and unfocused, but I still love it. It's the first tape I was fully proud of, and I still am. Still tho, not what I would recommend someone to listen to first
Hey, so, umm...

I also make music
u get me lmao
im a late 5th/6th console gal
Start missing ave right now, cause she did it


I may be covered in cat hair, but I still smell good.

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8=I loved it.
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6=I like it.
5=I could take it or leave it.
4=I don't like it.
3=I dislike it.
2=I hate it.
1=Offensively bad.

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