Portishead - Dummy
Critic Score
Based on 7 reviews
1994 Ratings: #5 / 21
User Score
Based on 339 ratings
1994 Ratings: #5
October 17, 1994 / Release Date
LP / Format
Go! Beat / Label
Portishead, Adrian Utley / Producer
Trip Hop / Genres
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Better than any album before it, Dummy merged the pinpoint-precise productions of the dance world with pop hallmarks like great songwriting and excellent vocal performances.

Slant Magazine

Dummy, an album which undoubtedly conjures the thought of a person, place or sour time for its every listener, sounds just as groundbreaking today as it did eight years ago.

Entertainment Weekly

Beth Gibbons’ disembodied vocals float over Geoff Barrow’s lush production to create a debut that is as musically compelling as it is emotionally chilly.

This is, without question, a sublime debut album. But so very, very sad. These are avant garde ambient moonscapes of a ferociously experimental nature. In other words, seriously spooky shit.
This album comes thoroughly recommended to any fans of hip-hop (that's hip-hop music, not rap vocals), female soul vocalists, or anybody unfamiliar with trip-hop and who wants to experiment. It's not the best trip-hop album ever, but it's as good an introduction as any.
Rolling Stone

Assertive rhythms and quirky production ... save Portishead from languishing in any coy retro groove. Instead they manage yet another — very smart — rebirth of cool.

Aug 8, 2015
If it wasn't for this album, there will be no stronghold for the Trip-Hop Genre. The timing of the album is right, the sound is as fresh as grass, and the whole album itself is flawless and from another world. Henceforth, "Dummy" is a Trip-Hop Masterpiece!
Mar 18, 2017
What an incredible trip-hop thing
Nov 14, 2015
Possibly the best, most complete and consistent trip-hop album to ever be released, Dummy is a landmark not only for the genre, but in popular music History as well. Beth Gibbon's vocals sound as angelic and soothing as one could hope for, always well accompained by the band's creative and flexible production quality that only gets better as the album progress. Every track on this record has a delightful and seductive atmosphere that is slow-burning, but infectious, and the whole experience, ... read more
Aug 7, 2015
I went into this album with zero expectations. I saw recommendations on the internet and it caught my eye. With the hip-hop like production, and what sounded like 20 angels harmonizing simultaneously, I was swept off my feet. Caught myself head bobbing while the vocals from Beth Gibbons feels like she's reaching into my hollow body, massaging my heart and from time to time gripping it tightly to the point where it's aching and mutilated.
Dec 24, 2017
Maybe one day I'll love this album as much as some people here and on other places seem to enjoy, but right now, I consider this to be far from a masterpiece. It's not without a few stellar moments, but it's unfortunately one of those albums that just fails to pull me in completely. I understand and appreciate the importance of this album for trip hop, but at the moment it's just not doing enough for me.
Track List
  1. Mysterons 
  2. Sour Times 
  3. Strangers 
  4. It Could Be Sweet 
  5. Wandering Star 
  6. It's A Fire 
  7. Numb 
  8. Roads 
  9. Pedestal 
  10. Biscuit 
  11. Glory Box