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A few years ago, this article started doing the rounds of the internet, naming Aesop Rock as far-and-away the rapper with the largest vocabulary in the industry. This should give you a clue about what an Aesop track sounds like: he's a verbose, big-word user who raps over guitar and analog drum instrumental traxx. His wordy hip-hop tome, the Impossible Kid was among the best albums of 2016. It has since become among my go-to pump-up records.

I’d say Aesop Rock’s latest offering ... read more
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Earlier this year, I wrote about Taylor Swift’s first album from 2020, folklore. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift released her second album of the year, evermore. In many ways it continues the indie-themed acoustic guitar rock of folklore. But in some ways, it’s different.

For example, one of the album’s standout tracks, champagne problems, would’ve easily fit in with the rest of folklore, but the HAIM collaboration, another standout track, no body, no crime probably ... read more
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At different points in my life, I’ve obsessively spun records by the Cure, Beck, New Order, St. Vincent, ScHoolboy Q, and of course Gorillaz themselves. So obviously, this year’s set of Gorillaz releases piqued my interest, with a slow trickle of songs featuring the Cure’s Robert Smith, ScHoolboy Q. Those releases culminated in a record, named for the video series that spawned it, Song Machine, Season One, Strange Timez, which was released late October. Musically, it’s ... read more
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You might see my recommending Otis Redding's 1965 classic Otis Blue as an act of unconscionable lethargy. You might well ask: what's your next recommendation going to be, the Beatles? Rahman? But my purpose has never been to talk solely about some obscure post neo strangecore nutters. I mean, I will often talk about obscure post neo strangecore nutters, but not always. With these Chits, I only intend on sharing a paragraph on the Good Music I’m enjoying. And what I've been enjoying this ... read more
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There are some songs and albums that go with certain memories like peanuts in plastic white cups used to go with Friday nights back in the day. In 2012, I had just graduated from college and had just begun life as a rent-paying adult. White men crooning soulfully over fuzzy, reverb-drenched, jangly guitars had become a large part of what indie rock sounded like. My Friday nights were spent sharing peanuts in plastic cups with friends, listening to, among other songs, Merchandise’s Become ... read more
Dec 8, 2020
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Akhil is a musician and writer based in Mumbai and Dubai. He started making music in 2014 and has been playing shows since 2017. Starting from his first foray into releasing music with 2014’s highrise, Akhil has made electronic music for introverted head-bopping. His music is influenced by hip-hop, a mix of electronic music subgenres, post-punk, and India's music, especially hindustani classical.
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