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Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There
This marks my 100th review sitting above 100 followers (100% coincidence, definitely didn't rush to get to 99 reviews before this), and this album is a 100 for me. This also marks the end of an era in BC,NR with the leaving of frontman Isaac Wood. I want to make this special so I will try my best despite me having little reviewing ability.

Black Country, New Road has been in the game long before their debut with a small following but it's only recently I've heard of them. I loved their debut ... read more

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Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
Deathconsciousness is a testament that the greatest pieces of art are born out of pain, and this pain bleeds through every drowned voices, every overwhelming noises, and every deafening silence in this album. From the calm-before-the-storm opener to the earth-moving closer, this album vividly paints the image of a depressed and broken soul - unable to feel anything, unable to find meaning. With impeccable execution, Have a Nice Life fluently translates this feeling to the listener. I, for one, ... read more
Courting - Guitar Music
Courting's debut album Guitar Music is an expansive palate of punchy back-to-back bangers. It is one of the most daring and ambitious debuts this year with its delectable blend of post-punk, noise pop, garage rock, and glitch pop, just to name a few. They built upon their mostly post-punk sound from before and sprinkled in some stuff that elevates this project. There's even a glitchy midwest emo track here. As short as it may be, Guitar Music still shows this band's potential and willingness to ... read more
Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl
Hold The Girl is an emotionally potent album about her relationships with her mother and most importantly, with herself - past, present, and future. It is a testament of recognizing, understanding, reconciling, and moving forward with the people who you may have had issues with, especially yourself. This felt like the album that she really needed to write in order to help herself as well as others who might be experiencing the same thing, and I love her for that. I also have no issues with how ... read more
Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter
The experience of listening to an album is what I value more than any other aspects, and Preacher's Daughter is a prime example of that. This album connects to me deeply, not necessarily because I can relate, but rather I can feel every second of it as if I experienced it on my own. The poignant storytelling just makes me feel some type of way that few albums has done. Delivered with bleak and somber vocals, this album manages to convey what it wants to flawlessly. And the slow and reverb-rich ... read more
Arcade Fire - WE
This is certainly not what I expected.

I can commend how enjoyable some moments of some songs are, like the synth pop section in Age of Anxiety II as well as the part II of End of the Empire. But taking a step back, the songs as a whole didn't really leave a mark on me. The build ups take so much space yet the climaxes doesn't feel fulfilled. Songwriting didn't stick with me either because it tries to be deep but sounds superficial. Sometimes the grandiosity also feels so contrived so I ... read more


Yo fr fr
Our favorite albums are so similar it’s crazy 😳
Update: mukhang more of a grower album siya para sa'kin at weirdly naboringan ako sa ilang songs (eg. to here knows when), pero sa ngayon, pretty good album naman siya imo
Hindi ko pa napakinggan My Bloody Valentine eh, pero coincidentally may balak akong pakinggan yun soon tas ang taas din ng user score. Update na lang kita kung nagustuhan ko hahahahahaha
Oo nga eh, hindi ko nga matapos yung Pulse Demon at seryosong magkaka-tinnitus na ako nun SKSKSKSKSK
Sa genres naman, wala akong favorite kaya nakakayanan ko makinig ng iba't ibang albums, pero mas comfortable ako makinig sa pop, rock, metal, techno, house, at industrial, lalo na yung tipong aggressive talaga HAHAHAHAHA
OOOHHHH favorite ko rin ngay si Rina!!! Gusto ko rin yung mga albums ni Charli. Iba ko pang favorite artists sina ROSALÍA at Frank Ocean (lalo na kung magrerelease siya ng bagong album anytime soon SKSKSKSKSK)
Eh ikaw naman, sinong favorite artist mo?
Recently nga, nung narelease na Fossora, lumaki interes ko sa mushrooms at gabber, tas di nakatulong na clarinet din tinugtog ko dati sa banda kaya mas malaki ang connection ko dun HAHAHAHAHA
Oo nga, hindi nga halata HAHAHAHAHA noong bata nga ako, nung napanood ko performance niya sa Olympics, nairita ako sa boses niya tas naisip ko "sinong nakakaenjoy nito?" SKSKSKSK pero ngayong nalagpasan ko na yun, grabe tamang tama siya sa interes ko na pinaghalong classical at electronic music, tas ang astig din ng mga concepts niya bawat album


wannabe music nerd 🤓

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