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Bill Evans & Jim Hall - Undercurrent
"Undercurrent" found me at the right time in my life.

Quite a few months ago, I'd started getting into Jazz music. Although I didn't listen to too many records, as I ended up getting a bit tired of the sound, those that stuck with me were very special; "Undercurrent" maybe the most of all.

I'd really been enjoying Bebop and all its similarly energetic counterparts but more than any other flavor of jazz I found myself gravitating towards cool. That laid-back, relaxed feel ... read more

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The Velvet Underground - Loaded
REVISITED: The Velvet Underground - 4/5

You know what? I can appreciate this one.

“Loaded” isn’t quite loaded with nearly as much ambition and captivating songwriting as the rest of the band’s material but I will absolutely give it this: it’s got soul. For 40 minutes, TVU come together and breathe new life into that classic rock sound with solid songs and strong performances, Reed in particular giving his all vocally. The result? A fine album!

I struggle to get ... read more

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground
REVISITED: The Velvet Underground - 3/5

A few years ago, I fell in love with "Pale Blue Eyes."

I first heard it as a part of the soundtrack to "Sex Education," a show I really enjoyed, and became infatuated. It was almost intoxicatingly sweet. Every time I put it on, I was immediately swept up by the gentle warmth of the guitars and bass, Lou Reed's endearing voice and heartfelt poetry topping it all off perfectly. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.

Though I didn't care to ... read more

The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
REVISITED: The Velvet Underground - 2/5

Sorry this review took so long guys, it was busy suckin' on my ding-dong...

This was the first TVU record that clicked with me. I remember hearing it for the first time and being so amused by how eccentric and shamelessly loud it was, both in sound and in style; because "White Light/White Heat" showed the band honing in on the weirdest and most abrasive elements of their debut with as much creativity as possible and the result is one noisy ... read more

The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
REVISITED: The Velvet Underground - 1/5

Ohhh boy let me tell you, when The Velvet Underground done showed up there was no one else like 'em! They were up there on them stages playin' God knows what kinda rock n' roll all while that artsy weirdo Warhol was managin' em! They had this boyish fella screamin' and whisperin' and even just talkin' sometimes, all while this lady was bangin' away at the drums and this other German lady was singin' all funny 'n- AN' HEAR THIS: they had a man playin' a ... read more

Nils Frahm - Encores 1
this is really just going to be a chaotic mess of dumb thoughts and feelings but i still feel the need to get them out there somehow.

400 reviews. well, with the exception of a couple non-reviews here and there, but whatever. i'm honestly not sure how to feel about that. am i proud? i guess, kinda. it's cool to think about how much time i've poured into talking about music, whether that be in a positive or negative light. but i also feel very unenthusiastic.

i love music. i do. writing my ... read more


yo i’m starting a new account @kodanlikesmusic! sorry for being dead haha
I understand that but the rough and reverb trenched production really help the songs blossom. There's something hypnotic about almost all the tracks from the album, that make me go into trance-like state, combined with the (admittedly) melodramatic and trashy songwriting, it leads to a weirdly "comforting" listen. West Coast especially really helped me cope with stress, when the chorus hits especially I feel like a weight leaves from my chest
Keep in mind doe that I also am not a lana fan, I just really like two of her albums, and even those two I can notice some rather obvious flaws (Boulevard suffers from long album syndrome and Ultra's b side is strongly inferior to its a side).

Unrelated to lana, but man I'm really happy you've given tvu & nico a second chance, and in general all your reviews so far from your tvu dive have been great, keep going! 👍
hello mike_drop!
[The community list is UP!]

Likes/comments/positive/negative😈/constructive feedback will all be much appreciated!!!:V
There's also a link to the spotify playlist made in tandem with the list

If you participated and have any problems or corrections you want to mention, you are free to do so!:0
If you want to participate but don't have the timel, that's understandable! the list will be up and updating until there are no submissions left to submit
If you don't want to participate/don't have a song in mind to submit, that's understandable too! You're not obligated to answer:3
Hi mike_drop!!
I'm posting the community list today, but you can share your answer if you do wish to participate anytime you want!
This is just an automated quick reminder to send your pick for your go-to karaoke song if you still want to participate:00
wonder what makes you think that Ultraviolence is lana's weakest, as I personally think the opposite
ik, its just easier to put audio in a video😂
Hey you gave Utopia a 10 I was wondering if you could send me an audio of you explaining your score for my video about it. I want to have different perspectives from AOTY in it. if not plz lmk so I can get someone else with the same score :)
Hi mike_drop!! A few days ago I saw I hit 500 followers and i've wanted to finally make a community list!:00
I've been a part of a few and it was pretty fun for me to think of answers and so I thought, maybe it's finally the time:)

If so, you can answer with a simple yes, or a fuck yeah!! just whatever message to confirm you're in
If not, no worry! I definitely don't have your IP address

The topic of the list is: ~~ What is your one go-to karaoke song:0 ~~

It may be one where you know all of the lyrics, or one you know you can confidently sing and have fun to while having the lyrics in front of you
and if you like you can even share a word or two on why you picked this song in particular:o

If you do choose to participate, the deadline is about a week from now
but there's no real rush:D
Holy sht I've followed you since forever and just now i got the pun in your name
Mike drop = mic drop
i feel so dumb!!!


he/him - 15
library is my (unbelievably incredible) vinyl collection

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