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Dec 22

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Ts12521 -
7 good songs! Tracks 3,6,8,and 11 could’ve been better!
Ts12521 -
10 good songs. Really good album!
Ts12521 -
Wow 10 good songs. All sound like 90s and 2000s RnB bed pop songs! Love it! I don’t like tracks 1,2 and don’t think they where necessary
Ts12521 -
Generic garbage. Holy shit I’ve never heard anything so generic in my fucking life and every song sounds literally the same. I know when people say that they mean just similar and I mean you could hear this difference. But these songs! Holy fuck each song legitimately sound like the same song. It sounds like if Justin Bieber’s album changed had a generic black cousin. I find it hilarious actually and predictably because he’s waited to long to put it out, it’s the wrong ... read more
Ts12521 -
7 good songs like Dreamer, Jerk ribs, Floyd. I like how the point of this album was to make it retro RnB a sound people weren’t doing a lot in 2014. However it has 6 bad songs that could’ve been by a better producer like Dr.Dre.
Feb 22, 2021
Your ratings make me wanna 🤢🤮
Jan 17, 2021
Jesus Christ crush culture makes me wanna spill your guts out
Jan 17, 2021
Dec 28, 2020
This @Matt guy also got mad at me for saying that TomBejoy isn't funny
Dec 28, 2020
Anyways, block me if you want, no reason to argue anymore.
Dec 28, 2020
(cont.) something that occurred months ago. Thanks. Reply if you want, I'd prefer you wouldn't cause I refuted your claims already so I have no reason to reply back.
Dec 28, 2020
(cont.) the site. They aren't actual bots, so let me get that to you. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I did say they were 'bots" but didn't mean they were ACTUAL bots, bots is a nickname. I told you this before and you obviously didn't read my statement thoroughly. "What are they going to get banned for?", explicitly bringing up a score without any reviews or arguments to why they like it. The twitter threads explicitly TELLING people to go rate it a 100, disregarding their own opinion. And guess what, THEY WERE BANNED, so it's not only me who agrees with this argument. I also don't think everyone should agree, it removes all discussion in this website, but that was never an argument I made. You're telling me to grow up even though I did nothing wrong as I refuted your main arguments. You didn't read my first argument obviously because you're still making the same baseless points. I don't care about this situation anymore, nor should you, so stop attacking me for
Dec 28, 2020
Okay, this is the last time I will respond to you as you're still nitpicking a review I made 2 months ago. I already responded to your original argument and you're responding a month later spewing this again, it seems like you can't really let go of something that I honestly do not care about anymore. I do not care if people rate an album highly because of my own opinion, I encourage it. But when it comes to a huge fanbase raiding the site, not spreading opinions, just to raise a score in spite of another fanbase, I have the right to be mad. If you want to give Ariana a 100, I couldn't care less! It's your opinion! But the reasoning behind the raid wasn't to support Ariana (even if it doesn't really support her) it was explicitly said by some of them that it was because of fans of Taylor Swift giving it a 0 (which wasn't even happening). They aren't bots, I never said they were "bots". I even clarified to you before they weren't bots. Bots are a nickname for the people who raid
Dec 11, 2020
imo perfect score should be reserved for, well, perfect albums. like, flawless, grandiose, greatest-of-all-time good. i think i've literally only given one album a 100- not even abbey road got one.

but you do you i guess, keep manipulating the scores.
Dec 7, 2020
having to ask here since i can't leave comments on your reviews. why are you giving projects that you say have bad songs and think are just "decent" perfect scores?
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