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Jane Weaver - Flock
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2021 Ratings: #82 / 666
Year End Rank: #24
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2021 Ratings: #332
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This album is perfectly complete, hermetically sealed while suggesting any number of influences and reference points that never usurp the originality of the songs themselves.

After a series of bold conceptual works, Weaver has decided to cut loose on Flock, which also ditches some of her space-rock otherness for a sound that sidles closer to the dancefloor.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Now she has turned decisively toward accessibility and groove, ensuring Flock is fabulous fun, as well as being always sonically intriguing.


Songwriter and 'sound carrier' hits stride with psych space-pop and a new direction.

The Arts Desk

‘Flock’ is Jane Weaver’s most varied, most vigorous album to date.

Record Collector

Writing about herself, albeit obliquely, for the first time in years has lit the desire to uplift the downbeat lyrics with a pop sheen.

Loud and Quiet

For all its retro stylings, Flock is a record which is invested in the production of a better future.

The Line of Best Fit

Flock represents the sweet revenge of the melody: dancefloor-friendly pop music, but of a variety that remains intoxicatingly unmoored to the conventions and codes of the earthly realm.

The Guardian

Having earned a cult audience for her psychedelia, Weaver makes her version of a pop record, where Kylie-level hooks are set against hallucinatory backings.


They’ll probably say something like “oh, she went pop for this record” when discussing Flock, a slightly dismissive response ... Avid listeners have known all long just how funky, playful and revolutionary she’s been, a genuine musical magpie.

Under The Radar

Recorded over the enforced hibernation period created by lockdown, Flock is anything but a claustrophobic sounding record. If anything, it's an album that releases the shackles and shoots for the stars via the unashamedly microcosmic world of pop.


Flock is the work of a daring artist, a crafty writer and performer, and someone who is always worth following to see what kind of great things she might do in the future.

The Irish Times
In addition to offering a positive vision for negative times, Weaver has great fun making challenging pop music, reflected by the colour and vibrancy of her artwork and aesthetic.
Alternating between vibrant pop energy and determined insouciance, Jane Weaver’s new album illuminates and disguises in equal measure, a sign of the outright confidence of its maker.
Spectrum Culture

Though Flock tends to make the typical sacrifice of originality for accessibility, Jane Weaver pulls off the synth pop styles she’s going for with swagger, occasionally reaching epic heights.

God Is in the TV
The melodies and ideas are there, but there is a lack of presence in the mix bringing it all together.
Llevaba varios días de haber escuchado Flock y en verdad no sabía cómo abordarlo. Puede que mi indecisión fuese derivativa de lo sencillo y eficaz que resulta el estilo de Jane Weaver. Es mucho más difícil hacer algo sencillo y funcional que realizar material innovador, en cuanto a experimentación, pero que como tal no sea contenido para disfrutar, sino algo más apreciativo. Dónde veo la sencillez en Flock, en los recursos usados, ... read more
A collection of expansive and psychedelic pop tunes from Jane Weaver. You'll experience a groovy track like The Revolution of Super Visions and also dreamy ones like Solarised. Flock also offers a lot of interesting instrumentations like the swirling hypnotisms in Modern Reputation that reminds you of that quintessential art pop sounds. This is such an astounding comeback. I will be replaying this a lot this year for sure.
Earthly tunes of pure emotional stardom. 'Flock' by miss Jane Weaver is centered on the singer capacity to dive into the lyric passion as well as the vocal hability. The album has a great space, the tracks flow easily through the ears, every corner has it's value, the amount of decade references are great but sometimes the album can feel a little on the air, as in being unable to fully be categorized. The pop inflection is the strenght of the project, she sounds confident and fun. The artwork ... read more
Jane Weaver's new album is ok.

The production is all the album can offer. Majority of the tracks have a spectacular auditive projection, and the instrumentals are well orchestrated forming a pharaonic and cohesive experience. However, other than that, the album is...nothing

Vocals are normal, lyrics are basic and the worst: It seems that all the songs on the album seem to follow the same structure. It doesn't mean they sound the same, but the impression is that all the tracks followed the ... read more
Heartlow 8.1πŸ’š
The Revolution Of Super Visions 9.3πŸ’š
Stages Of Phases 9.6πŸ’š
Lux 7.5πŸ’š
Modern Reputation 9.7πŸ’š
Flock 7.7πŸ’š
Sunset Dreams 7.3πŸ’š
All The Things You Do 8.8πŸ’š
Pyramid Schemes 7.8πŸ’š
Solarised 10.0πŸ’š

Nota Final:85πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š(Muito Bom)⭐
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