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Feb 22, 2020*
Indie Rock | Introspective | United States

Me ranting about other reviews:

Hey guys! You know what really pisses me off! You don't? Well that thing that people do, when they review albums, where they claim something to be, for examble like calling this record "the bible for emo music." I mean we're all guilty of this, but cmon, this album, the bible for Emo. Really?
And it's not that this is inherently a bad way to describe something. It's not, but when i see ... read more
Feb 16, 2020*
Indie Folk | Poetic | United States

"According to legend, "Ugly Casanova" is the pen name used by a crazed Modest Mouse fan named Edgar Graham who broke into the band's show in Denver in 1998. Intrigued by the man's journals full of potential song lyrics, frontman Isaac Brock assembled a hodgepodge of Pacific Northwestern friends to realize some of the words as songs in 2000."

Recently in school, we got an assignment to write a thesis on one of the ... read more
Feb 15, 2020*
Indie Rock | Introspective | United States

"Everything that's keeping me together is falling apart"

When i first heard about Moon & Antarctica it was on RYM. The person who had mentioned it, presented it in a fashion that made me very interested. So i gave it a listen and i was disappointed. This person had presented it as this masterpiece, that was sonically and lyrically fascinating. And i remember liking the first few tracks, but really nothing else. So i ... read more
Feb 13, 2020*
Indie Rock | Depressive | United States

In the past few months i've been going through the Modest Mouse discography. And this ep over here..... It's not that good. It's not bad, it's not good, it's just okay.

The songs presented on The Fruit That Ate Itself are half-cooked filler. The ideas presented on the ep are very telling when it was made, that being when they were in their early post-hardcore/indie rock/midwest emo phase.

Now personally, as someone who doesn't like the bands ... read more
Nov 21, 2019*
Indie Folk | Melancholic | United States

"For my prayer has always been love. What did i do to deserve this now?"

Sufjan Stevens, in my eyes is a genius and one of the greatest artists of the 21th century. He has released great albums ever since his first state themed record, Michigan. After that he released Illinois, which is to me, one of the greatest pieces of art ever made, but there was an album between the two state themed records. Seven Swans, a record that ... read more
Mar 4, 2020
Can't argue with that, I guess.
Mar 3, 2020
Do you think so? A lot of 'em are just a few sentences that aren't hard to decrypt.
Feb 24, 2020
🤔 if you want a soft folk singer-songwriter in the style of Nick Drake or Eliott Smith, I really recommend Jackson C. Frank (with his self-titled album), the genius Tim Buckley (with his album "Happy Sad") or the Brazilian legend Chico Buarque (with Construção). I hope you don't already know them and that you'll like them.
Feb 13, 2020
Me and AZIZ have dropped a new song, please check it out:
Jan 25, 2020

The second song I've ever made. A song I made because of heartbreak but finished because of benzodiazepines. This song is supposed the relate the Life of Anna Karenina from old Russian literature and her story in music form and how a person feels after a breakup and/or isolation. Truly some of my darkest work. I only add rap vocals twice to the song. once in a transition and once at the end. There a lot is crooning and ambiance but since I don't loop music you shouldn't get bored. I hope you enjoy it

Please give me feedback and please rate (it can be positive or negative, whatever you feel)
Dec 14, 2019
Yo man i came out with a song, please give it a listen and leave a rating, I do not care what you rate it (well maybe a little).
Nov 29, 2019
thank you very, very much for the compliment for my Just Got Back review!!! you write some top-notch quality stuff too! I hope it somehow convinced you to check out that weird & (potentially) initially jarring gem of an album. I actually listened to it like a year ago, but finally found the words to express my admiration for it.

(just like the for crap loads of records I'm loving to death for the past year. AHEM lonesome crowded west, twin fantasy & flood i'm looking RIGHT at you)
Nov 24, 2019
You asked which of my 100s I enjoy the most and it would have to come down to either Lateralus or Mellon Collie. Both masterpieces that I can't get enough of. Although 10,000 Days is my favorite Tool album, I can't deny that Lateralus is a bit better.
Nov 23, 2019
Hey. My name's Topi. I'm from Finland and i lack personality.

My Favourite Artists: Kendrick Lamar, Have A Nice Life, Modest Mouse, Talk Talk, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sufjan Stevens, The Smiths, Radiohead, Car Seat Headrest

Rating Scale:
100-95 Masterpiece (An artist can only have one 100)
90-85 Exceptional
80-75 Great
70-65 Good
60-55 Okay
50-45 Mediocre
40-35 Boring/Disappointing
30-25 Bad
20-15 Horrible
10-0 no
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