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Dogleg - Melee
Aug 18
Beach House - 7
Beach House
Sep 15

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Beeyyaahh -
Burial's late-decade compilation in 2019 serves as an outstanding reflection of his overall output since his first two albums. While the structure and runtime of the comp is absurd, I managed to sink a ton of emotional energy and then some while developing a heavy fixation with all of the tracks here, regardless of length or style.

Now, ever since I was a kid, I had this deep infatuation with space. Like, I would just sneak away from my parents whenever I could at any time to run to the ... read more

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Beeyyaahh -
Birth of a New Day is without a doubt one of the most effective examples of records that say so much through so little. I mean in the genre its based in; Vaporwave was and is consistently being represented by artists creating very washed, warped, and densely manipulated songs. This applies to Birth of a New Day as well with each song sounding really lush, nocturnal, but comatose as well. Nothing about the sound of the record is very clean-cut. This applies to the cover too. I wouldn't be the ... read more
Beeyyaahh -
At first I really wasn’t planning on writing a review for this, but at some point when I was listening, this album really engulfed my afternoon, really my whole day when I heard it.

Phil is giving us a record under a moniker that is essentially having a revival, a collective emotional outburst that relies heavily on past emotions, past experiences, and a long and excruciating transition from an earlier period in his passion to the man he’s become now. In the repetitive guitars and ... read more
Beeyyaahh -
This morning I woke up at 5am, having a panic attack. At any point I could have probably tried to figure out why, or what caused it, but I didn’t. I just really wanted to get back to sleep. Instead, I decided to try out the new Phoebe record. In a matter of its short run-time, and my brain not being fully awake yet, I feel like I got a lot more than I was expecting.

As someone who was mildly satisfied with Stranger In The Alps, I really hadn’t made my mind up on Bridgers as an ... read more
Beeyyaahh -
Isolation. At times it seems like the only way to get out and burn away your issues. When you’re alone, the only consultant is yourself. Depending on the context, that can be good or bad. It really depends on whether you’re in pain cause of yourself, or in pain because of what others brought upon you.

For Justin Vernon in the late 2000’s, it was just everything you could imagine going wrong. His band breaking up, his relationship with a partner breaking up, and his body ... read more
Beeyyaahh -
Emotionally despondent and morally conflicted, Man Alive! serves as a harrowing experience of unhealthy dependency. Yet, in its dejected tone, there is an underlying sense of clarity in Archy’s ability to pick apart his insecurities and potential downfalls.

Man Alive!...where did this record come from? A month ago I’d never finished a Krule record, now he’s one of my favourites ever? Alright then...

In actuality though, I think what I love most about this album can be ... read more
Sep 13, 2020
wishing you a good recovery
Aug 10, 2020
Alright thanks!
Aug 10, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Aug 3, 2020
Breezy day lucky “I’m back me Maryann but new awesome
Jun 22, 2020
LIST QUESTION- what was the first album you listened to that piqued your interest in music?
May 4, 2020
Hey, I have a song out! When you have the chance to, please give it a listen. This is a collaboration between my friend Martin and me. It would be nice if you give it a review or rating. I would love to read what you think.

"Spleen & Lockdown" is OUT NOW on soundcloud:
Apr 30, 2020
breez bad news last day aoty mss you but back phone album music
Apr 17, 2020
Hi there! I accidentally deleted my Fetch the Bolt Cutters review (instead of 'editing' it) and I'm quite pleased with it, would you mind giving it another look? I don't expect a like, just a read my friend!
Welcome to my profile!

I was on break for awhile, but I plan to start shoveling out reviews every week (if time allows). My reviews are typically always aimed at positive rated records, as I do better to spill more feel-good thoughts regarding music than outright negative ones.

If you ever check out my reviews, feel free to leave feedback, and I appreciate any support I get. Thank you everyone, and I hope you're having a great day / night <3
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