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mjv1214 -
I thought that I wasn't gonna have a ten this year but I was wrong :) I need to update this review in the future. I can't even comprehend what just happened but that was amazing.
mjv1214 -
[July Challenge] July 31

This is a very long album so I will be picking certain songs that stuck out for me. In the future, I will write a heavily detailed review on this as I have no time to finish writing more about this due to work.

Natural Snow Buildings' The Winter Ray is an album that was deprived from the world after its limited releases had been sold out, making it difficult for people to find until many many years later. Knowing absolutely nothing about this band, I went in ... read more
mjv1214 -
[July Challenge] July 30
Man this album got really sad. Addiction has always been hard to talk about and is considered misunderstood by the public. If you really wanted to get better, you'd get help as people have mentioned. It isn't always easy to escape from life's trouble and the best thing we can do is to find a way to cope. Real life can often be too much for some people so most of the times, other people would turn to substances to take their mind off things for a while. Such euphoria can ... read more
mjv1214 -
[July Challenge] July 29
As I get closer to the end of this album review challenge, I have started to choose shorter albums to listen to due to not interfering with my studies. After asking Supertartory for a nice short album reference, they gave me this to listen to. I don't really have a lot of time to express in detail what I liked about the album, but all I can say is to give it a listen. It is one of those albums that either grasps your attention or grows over time. The overall mood of ... read more
mjv1214 -
[July Challenge] July 28
I use music to escape to somewhere where things make sense in a way for my eyes. I've taken so many things for granted that writing and listening to these arrangements of sounds are the only ways that I can be truly grounded to reality. I can tell you how much this album has made my night, or how much it had ruined it. Recently, I have only thought of music as a competition to see who can make the most well organized tracks in one compilation. My love for music has ... read more


Jan 16, 2019


Hi I'm Kim and I'm a music reviewer that also makes their own kind of music. Glad you stopped by to check out my shitty music opinions!

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