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squeejie -

Dawn of the Final Day:

welp. we made it to the end. and what better album to end a challenge off than a super mellow, new agey ambient piece. and i mean new agey in the best way possible, by the way, as this album utilizes inspiration from eastern traditional music and works it into an extremely chilled out experience. definitely the best way to unwind after a ... read more
squeejie -

Day 9:

its alright. not bad per se. but it didn't grasp my attention enough to leave a lasting impact. most of the songs go on for way too long and i'm just not crazy about this style of J-pop.

that being said, i'm glad this project has gotten decent reception and attention during its initial release. plus it's still a pretty cute album, and has some good ... read more
squeejie -

Day 8:


i know this is supposed to be campy and cheesy and all. but goddamn. this thing just sounds dated as all hell. i know back then the synthesizers were probably cutting-edge, but they did not sound like they aged well in my opinion. you know what 80s horror flick has a pants-shittingly terrifying soundtrack? The Shining. that ... read more
squeejie -
I'm On Desktop and It Won't Paste the Emoji's AAAAAAAAAAAA with @Toasterqueen12:

Day 7

it's no secret that i like western classical music. i don't think it makes me look snobbish or anything because i don't bash people who don't listen to western classical. it's just a style of music i just so happen to really really enjoy. but anyways.

this is a stone cold classic film soundtrack with some of my favorite western classical compositions. The Thieving Magpie is a playful musical piece which is ... read more
squeejie -
basically Follow the Sound but not as raunchy and also you ate 4 grams of magic mushrooms
Jan 26, 2021
grats on 200 followers
Jan 20, 2021
Hi so im in the preliminary stages of my 1971 list and id like to ask a few things of you

1. You have Comus' First Utterance as your highest record of that year could you give me a few words as to why you like it/find it significant

2. there is a three way tie for fourth place, I need you to rank the following records in order based on preference

whats going on
maggot brain

Thank you so much!
Jan 19, 2021
Hey I just wanted to let you know that my list aggregating AOTY's favorite albums of the year 1970 is finally live, and that you are included in it!

This was a very big project that would not have been able to be completed without your ratings and I hope to continue this series with future installments!

If you would be so kind as to check the list out and even possibly give me any feedback at all it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

Jan 17, 2021
I could definitely see why this is so beloved. Solid pick as well. Thank you for participating, and here's the link for the list, feel free to check it out! https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/eliiscool5/list/33957/aotys-100-library/
Jan 16, 2021
What is your favorite album of the year 1970, and could I get a few words on your thoughts on that album!?

{I’m going to be doing a series of lists where I go through AOTYs favorite albums of every year since 1970 and this is the first part of that ultimate goal!!}
Jan 16, 2021
Hello! What is an album that you've given a 100 score, and why so?

Simple explanations are fine enough, but detailed reasoning is of course welcome. If you have multiple 100s, then just pick one of them as your answer. It's for a list by the way. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Jan 15, 2021
yes. hi!!1!!!!1!1!!1!!
Jan 2, 2021
I just dropped both my EP and Album/(LP) lists just a bit after the new year began! I plan to add a description here soon, on my break at work, but it’s essentially all there! Thanks in advance for checking it out.
Dec 20, 2020
Let me know when/if you drop an AOTY list! I’d love to look through what albums you, and others, enjoyed the most this year. If you already posted one then I’ll give it a look ASAP.

I plan on dropping mine at the very end of the year (both EPOTY and (LP)AOTY lists) and would prefer any feedback on them!
Dec 17, 2020
thank you for your pick!
the list is out right now,link
is down below. thanks! (again)

amateur musician. broke college student. cringe ass nae nae baby.


letterboxd: squeejie
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