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gabciprianoo -
Katy Perry brought some of the best albums of his career and the year, it means positioning him to leave a lot behind and I came a totally thunderous thing! Each track has its own emotion, a highlight for 'Cry About It Later' that the most prominent song and ears vibrate, including in its dance-like chorus and weighty instrumentals.
Currently this disco art is among the pop world, but Katy brought in a better way and a dance ballad and with a quality and mega production. His vocals on each ... read more

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gabciprianoo -
This was totally disappointing, Dua Lipa brought the best album of the year and the expectation with so many remix with good artists and amazing producers would come with everything. The songs are with poorly synchronized beats and totally off production and over-beats, since they are normal dancing songs and their remix has gone from luxury to horrible. It has tracks that can cause something like evolution and sound, but the album does not become cohesive but messy. Old tracks that already had ... read more
gabciprianoo -
This brings so much a perfect sound in your voice, that's what I want to see in pop singer who is always making songs according to the public. The production in the middle of a pandemic and the work (including with the mental health) is not easy, and brought me into a totally reverse world with a mug of coffee in the middle of a very green lawn! I saw in Taylor Swift his vunerability and excellent quality, it is one of the best lacing of the year. His voice in term with instrumentals and strong ... read more
gabciprianoo -
A real disco so hot, but still lacks something that has essential Lady Gaga. I see good and well produced beats, but much of it ends up being exaggerated but still does not lose its magic. I missed productions like Mark Ronson, but it's not a point where he sinned and where I find the best tracks on the album and in the end and their partnerships stand out. Gaga's vocals are impeccable, and I remembered a lot of a strong, powerful woman. It is noticed that the album was worked in detail, and ... read more
gabciprianoo -
The way these kids make a song is one of the things that impresses me by being so strong and their sentimental songs with the biggest broadcast I've seen since One Direction. The album gives us a coerencia, strong vocals, a good production and a harmony that makes it look great, in some moments we have a break from track to track but nothing that can be considered as incoerencia, but that can improve! His body of work is good to hear, full of romance and completely sincere with pop-rock.
gabciprianoo -
Dua Lipa has re-dreamed of the sound of past decades, and delivers a spectacular album. Many artists were trying to do the same, but only she managed to have this big and sonic bridge! It is a record that gives you all the feelings and detalhosa about productions and concept, it is impossible to highlight a really strong song, because each of them has its own originality and is worthy of becoming a new success. Thus strengthening Dua Lipa's position as one of the best pop icon of our time, and ... read more
May 9, 2020
Hello there! Im Malneezy and would appreciate if you can give your time too listen and react to an album I made with some collected loops I made on Bandlab. Here it is.

And here it is to review it:
Mar 29, 2020
Ahhhhh, paulista aqui! Raro achar pelo site. o/
Mar 1, 2020
You’re my 100th follower. Thanks! 🙏
Feb 29, 2020
@gabciprianoo - Thanks for the follow!
I have the correct criticism based on compositions, sound, activation, rhythm and especially i value its production. If i don't like that, it's not going to change my mind.
Only a person who has joy to show his opinions around the world of music.
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