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TheTourist90 -
Coming from of the late 2000’s/early 2010’s was a weird fad of wacky 3D animated cartoon character singly an often silly song. I’ve been revisiting most of them for shits and giggles, and while it has been very entertaining, almost most of them has aged poorly and sounded poorly, though with the exception that is Schnuffel, a music project that comes from Germany with unknown musicians behind the scenes, only thing that is known is this bunny who like Gorillaz, sings the ... read more
TheTourist90 -
Somewhere, a flower in the land of milk and honey sings a voice
A sweet and everlasting voice.
A voice that struck love in the hardest of hearts.

The flower may be far, but the voice is eternal.
Lay down and listen to the beauty with me.
TheTourist90 -
Very inconsistent track with some interesting ideas, (like the very triumphant beat of the first half of the song) though delivered out a very mixed way. Baby Keem sounds very awkward on the track, and Kendrick doesn’t give out too much interesting insight on anything new. Mixing also kinda trash too.
Fairly uninteresting track for besides the fact that Kendrick is coming back
TheTourist90 -
Fuck you Morton Feldman, now this is high art
TheTourist90 -

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Andre was sleeping peacefully, until his purple slimy snake shriek at him,

“WAKE UP!!!!”

Andre then rose to his feet,

“Morning already?” Andre yawned to himself, “Well, I’m quite hungry actually... Let’s see what there is to eat!”

Andre opened all of his cabinets, but ... read more


Sep 2, 2021
Hey Mate,
I am currently making a list compacted with AOTY user' top 10 worst albums and would love for you to contribute to that. The information if you decide to share will be used to create "The Average AOTY Users worst album" consisting of 50 albums. If you feel comfortable contributing please mention your top 10 worst albums in order from 1 being the worst and 10 being the 10th worst. It would also be highly appreciated if you are ok to give a few words why as well :)

Thank You So Much Have A Good Day!
Aug 23, 2021
... For a long time, I was closed to a lot of opinions, musical genres, but finally it's totally what I hate today because it's showing a lack of open-mindedness according to me. I learned to develop this capacity to listen to others while following my heart to never lose my personality. For me there is no reason to have debates without arguments and listening to the other, that's why I will not hesitate to support a contrary opinion if it is justified by a strong argument.

To give you some advice, I would say first of all to always keep your personality, even if it means that your opinion can evolve. Take an in-depth look at artists or music genres to understand the whole context, the various opinions and the final impact. This should allow you to evolve your analysis and open yourself to other subjects
Aug 23, 2021
Hey TheTourist90, hope you are well

I think first of all I am curious by nature and like to understand the why of the how. In the sense that why are these albums/singles/artists recognized as essential? What impact in the music and beyond (social etc..)?
In fact all these kind of questions I ask myself will lead me to study the subject, the context, the objectivity more than the subjectivity so that my analysis is the most rational possible.

If I'm open to many styles it's also just a natural trait of mine, I'm interested in culture in general although I necessarily keep my tastes and my preferences

I've been working and thinking about my series The History of The albums for a very long time (more than 10 years, even if I started here on AOTY in an official way), and more precisely about the album format because I'm looking for answers to all my questions, to understand my preferences, to understand those of the others.
.. to continue
Jul 21, 2021
Hey, TheTourist90! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words. I really appreciate it, and I also admire your love for visual storytelling as well as animation <3. I sent you a DM on RYM to give you a long list of graphic novels! (and avoid the character limit on here). Greetings :)
Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021.
May 22, 2021
Malevich, Tatlin, Guston, Kandinsky, Kruchenykh, Matisse, Braque, Rouault, Moreau, Gustav Klimt, Sonia Delaunay, Mikhail Vrubel, Franz Kline, Bernini, name a relative few.
Apr 18, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (list)
Apr 6, 2021
I see you've noticed my new rating scale lol
Feb 23, 2021
Do you watch much preschooler stuff or just Bluey?


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