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Jaronmeister -
tango mango

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Jaronmeister -
Fellas, is it weird that this album makes me horny?
Jaronmeister -
Mother used to blast this when she drove me to my exams back in high school. Shit still slaps ngl
Jaronmeister -
Shag me, Bob.


Jul 27, 2021
I never saw your message about The Apartments for some reason, really sorry - yeah, I did move it to a 5/5 on RYM in the end, very much a Doof classic although a rare example of an album with a better second half
Jul 25, 2021
No worries💖
Jul 19, 2021
What is your favorite album from each year, 2001-2021?
Jun 20, 2021
A Smashing Pumpkins moment😱😜😩 cultural reset😨😙🤩😅😤😞
Jun 19, 2021
Well, I mean I feel she might sell out with this release. That’s scary, Taylor would never make a pop album🤮.
Jun 10, 2021
Yes, it is true, I will bear that in mind, but that is generally how I approach it. For me pop is the type of music that is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and these are feelings I generally get with this kind of music, not all of it of course. I don't have many pop albums in my favorites as they are usually not very coherent, which is very important for this music. One or two songs that I don't like can spoil the whole album for me.
Jun 10, 2021
Haha that's what I was thinking, and in fact I prepared myself for it, because it's in vain to look for K-Pop in your favourites. Better that than the "0" that sometimes happens.
Interesting choices for your favourites, the latter two are generally less liked (I don't know why) although well, during my first listens I had a ball of problems with this album. As I listened to each of the songs at least 20 times, I honestly don't see any flaws in this album anymore, but well, my taste just favours sweet K-Pop concepts, yours rather shies away from them. Anyway, thanks for giving it a chance lmao.
I will still stay with my statement as it’s the best album ever made😜
Jun 10, 2021
Yes🤍 Glad you like his works!

I have only recently started to delve into the world of art so i’m yet to understand my own taste, especially when it comes to art like this or movies for example.

Ok, since you gave me your recommendation I will give you mine. You can rubbish it, but it's something that despite my big change of taste in the last period, stayed with me and gives me a lot of positive emotions/fun whenever I listen to it. I'm talking about „Lipstick” by Orange Caramel, I don't know, it seems to be completely out of your taste, but I'd be happy if you liked at least one track. Although there are a few people who more or less share my opinion about this album, most of them don't like it. Just check out the ratings😆.
Maybe I'm crazy, but this is my favourite album of all time, and I’m just plain curious how the person with your taste would react to it. Just don’t seek for the art in it, simply try to have fun😌
Jun 10, 2021
If you want I can also send you recommendations from time to time, but I don't promise you'll like them😌
Jun 10, 2021
Thanks! I'm glad you like them. To be honest, they are usually paintings by various artists and although I have a few favourites, I usually just pick whatever catches my eye. This one, for example, is by Auguste Toulmouche. I love his works.
Maybe I will refrain from changing my profile pictures for a while but I am somehow addicted to it lol.
whether it's aoty, steam or rym, I always change these pictures if I feel like it.
Btw, I totally loved your recommendation🤍
If you want, you can dm such stuff to me from time to time!


political scientist
aspirant philosopher 🤥

Only personal favourites are listed here, as I refuse to be a negative nancy. If you're interested in how much I hate your favourite record, you can check out my RYM :)

Worthwhile political discourse (or questions) more than welcome in my shoutbox!

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