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DonCorleone -
This shit is amazing, I swear. Westside Gunn has always fascinated me, at first I kinda hated him and his awful voice hahahaha, then he started to make me laugh and I understood what he brings to the table, then I realized not only that he could really rap, but that he's an executive producer as well, I started rooting for him.

Westside I see him as coke rap's Puff Daddy or some shit like that, he knows where to place the beats, who's rapping over them, etc. He can hit it like with Supreme ... read more

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DonCorleone -
Ayooo, I've reached a 100 subs :) Thank you so much for reading my reactions / reviews / opinions or whatever you want to call them hahaha, it really means a lot, I didn't have friends that were into music like that and now I've made a lot of them :D

I love this community, it's good to feel part of something. Shout out to everyone of you <3
- DonCorleone
DonCorleone -
Ouhhhh ouhhh ouhhh do ya, do ya, do ya
Do you think you love me Mary Jane!
DonCorleone -
Really good project, super creative Neo-Soul instrumentals, great lyrics, I love Sampa's voice. It's a bit of a heavy album but this was a nice experience, lots of great deep cuts.

Time's Up goes hard as a mf.
DonCorleone -
I don't know about y'all, but... I'm a motherfucking Gay Fish (Gay Fish Yo)


Sep 28, 2021
After today you’ll be a Pfizer Boy hahaha.
Sep 27, 2021
Yeah i’m from Central Europe and we had “group vaccinations” too hahhaha. I already got double shots of Pfizer lmao. So i guess i’m the reigning Vax Lord hahahhahaha
Sep 27, 2021
Sounds good, hit me up when you’ll start collecting data, so we can start together. Hahhahaha are you going with Pfizer?
Sep 27, 2021
All of those actually sound dope. We could do something for this year.Like favourite song of the year or as you said the most overrated, underrated album of the year.
Sep 27, 2021
Oh also congrats on 100 followers mane, you deserve it.
Sep 27, 2021
Hey Paulie, i’m doing pretty good and you? Hahahha I don’t think i could remember that at all, it’s a good idea for a list though. Sadly i never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
Sep 26, 2021
Ayyyye thank you so much! I’m more than thankful for everyone who reads!
Sep 26, 2021
Glad u liked it, and thanks :))
Sep 26, 2021
thanks for the follow!
Sep 26, 2021
Muchas gracias! 🥳🥳


I just love music, listening to it, talking about it, reading about it, just everything about music. I'm not a great writer but I try to give my raw reactions on the albums that I listen to. Subjectivity is implied.

Weaknesses: Hip-Hop, R&B, Damon Albarn, Kay Gee, Jay-Z, Kanye, Nicolas Jaar, Lil Wayne.
Pet peeves: Jason Derulo, Chance The Rapper, Wiz Khalifa...

Thx for that hundo follows!

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