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Flume - Palaces
Jul 25

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Flume - Palaces
Jul 25
Phoenix - Ti Amo
Ti Amo
Apr 19

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Alrighty, buckle up because I have A LOT to say about this masterful concept album. For those that are somehow stumbling across this without any prior knowledge, I believe this to be one of the most criminally under-listened projects out there at all. The only reason I came across it was because Pink Mamba came across on my Discover Weekly playlist one week and like a good little Francophile I noticed Sukil's French accent and looked into the group a bit more as a result, and what I fell into ... read more

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Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul - Topical Dancer
This is an exquisite album that's as fun and dancy to listen to as it is packed with excellent and witty social commentary. You can choose to listen through without a strong intent of paying attention to lyricism and still have a great time with the production and dance/house beats. Simultaneously, you can hone in on what they highlight in several songs (racism/microaggressions, blended identities/cultures, sexual harassment, sexual awakening, feminism, etc) and while for some it may feel over ... read more
Sofi Tukker - Wet Tennis
After hearing the opening guitar riff on Kakee I was instantly hooked. I honestly don't understand what everyone who's rating this album so low expected. Sofi Tukker has always been about merging together dance and I see no better implementation of that than throughout this album. If you can withstand hearing Kakee or Wet Tennis without at least bobbing your head or dancing then you must have no joy left in your life. Yes, I have some personal gripes with some songs as well (e.g. I think the ... read more
Wet Leg - Wet Leg
I had no idea what this would sound like going into it. All I knew was that they had a funny name and were a pair of girls from the UK. The album overall jumps from very catchy earworms to songs that are middle of the road, but when I hear Chaise Longue or Wet Dream come on it's impossible for me to not listen through the entire thing and groove or sing along. Some would regard the lyricism as drab or lackadaisical but I love the way it works together with their instrumentation throughout. Give ... read more
Sleigh Bells - Treats
For years I only knew Kids, Infinity Guitars, and Rill Rill and I loved each of these songs. However, it wasn't until now that I actually decided to dive into the entirety of this noise pop album. What I found was an awesome blend of guitar, catchy hooks, and blaring distortion that altogether make this record a fun listen. I understand that for some, this is too 'loud' of a choice, but I embrace the sound and it suits a very good purpose to hype me up or drown out the outside world for a ... read more
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
If this truly is Daft Punk's final album forever, I could live with that. They find a beautiful way to weave together old influences with new and innovative sounds here on Random Access Memories. There are so many memorable songs and infectious melodies, as well as equal amounts of artistic flair and ambition. Daft punk shows us that they know how to craft an album full of nostalgia, artistic expression, and progressive tunes, all in one package.

Favorite track(s): Give Life Back to Music, ... read more


I see you enjoyed Aleph and some Daft Punk so I recommend you these: - some of the hardest hitting electronic music I've heard - I think it's already a classic


Obsessed with listening to all kinds of music and in love with Dua Lipa. Making up a system as I go along on here. I've already got a back catalog of at least 500 album ratings/reviews that I wanna fill in from the past and am looking forward to checking out any new music I can find along the way. I honestly probably won't have anything below the 50 range for a while as I fill in my own back catalog of albums to review, but we'll see how that changes.

Please shoutbox any- and everything to me.

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