Avenged Sevenfold - Nobody
You guys gotta be kidding me. Is everyone deaf? Can't you HEAR what's happening? M. Shadows faces difficulty singing lately as we all know, so they focused more on the music and experimented to the extent that Matt's voice won't be as important as Gates' guitar, for example. The song sounds so different and, once again, shows that Avenged Sevenfold are great musicians that succeed in evolving, even if the outcome is not always that good. Personally I prefer Nobody to almost all of HTTK and The ... read more
Ne Obliviscaris - Equus
Ne Obliviscaris are back, this time with a song dedicated to the lost lives from the fires in Australia. As a big fan of the band, I have to say that this single is the best way to start my experience with Exul - their upcoming 2023 album. And the reason is simple; it is a 100% NeO song, and it reminds of many of their past works. Having listened to this single 17 times in 5 hours, and having shed many tears, or probably a lake, I can confidently say that it feels like a combination of Portal ... read more
Arch Enemy - Deceivers
As someone who hasn't dug deep into Arch Enemy's past, I want to say that Deceivers is a very good and catchy Melodic Death metal release, that might be a good starter for someone who's not into extreme metal, or for someone who is and wants to enjoy a good album with great riffs and harsh vocals.

Note: As an Amorphis fan, I daresay that Arch Enemy made a better work in 2022.

Motionless in White - Scoring the End of the World
There are some good and catchy songs from here and there but other ones are annoyingly bad and I can't ignore it. I love Chris Motionless' voice, but damn it I can't praise everything he does.

Best songs: Cause of Death, Burned at Both Ends II
Worst ones: Red, White & Boom (reminded me of YUNGBLUD), We Become The Night

Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
I can't understand why it's considered so good, but "born yesterday" sounds very interesting as a song, and some other moments of the album. Still, not my cup of tea.
In The Woods... - Diversum
Diversum is a unique album whose genre is hard to describe; it would be something like melodic gothic death-doom progressive metal! Their new singer does great work, too, in my opinion. The vibes are always clear and present. However, it is hard to find "that great moment" in Diversum, which is the album's big disadvantage. If I had to pick the album's highlight, it would be The Malevolent God.
Ante-Inferno - Antediluvian Dreamscapes
Pros: pulls you into its cover art's world and keeps its atmosphere and character till the end
Cons: often gets repetitive
Tatsuro Yamashita - Softly
Tatsuro Yamashita's still got it at the age of 69. Big respect.

The album is pretty simple and keeps the city pop vibe. We've had better city pop for sure but it's still a good listen.

Korn - Requiem
A typical nu metal album with nothing memorable or new in it. Also, wtf is this cover art?
Soen - Atlantis
As a Soen fan, I have to say that after Fortune single was released, I was looking forward to a release whose songs could be even better than their original studio versions. Even if I love 80% of the original songs featured here, only around half of them managed to reach their former level. Joel Ekelof's voice is softer and the music is not as heavy, which may lead to the improvement or deterioration of some songs.
Also, it's great to see one of my all-time fave songs covered by one of my ... read more
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pacifisticuffs
Avant-garde metal's uniqueness makes it a hit or miss or miss or miss genre, and Pacifisticuffs are a good example. The quirkiness is real, the work is respectable itself, though to me the vocals are not my cup of tea for this kind of music and the jazzy music may become tiring after some point. Doesn't get me invested into it.
Icon For Hire - You Can't Kill Us
Its selling point is the catchiness, and it looks like there wasn't serious effort put into the writing. Parts of it are enjoyable as background music, but that's it. What I disliked about You Can't Kill Us is the sudden auto-tune that made the singer's voice go o-o-o-o or a-a-a-a or whatever, which artists used to like back in 2012. Thankfully, it wasn't used that often.
Papangu - Holoceno
After three listens, it still feels noisy and annoying. I can't comprehend its vibes and intentions.
Zaeer - El Taree
It makes absolute sense that this record has been featured in the "Arab Metal" original Spotify playlist. It is catchy yet dynamic, and the heavy instrumentation makes you feel the hype. I consider El Taree a great heavy metal work; it has its ups and its downs, but overall it will not disappoint you if you're into metal music.
Riverside - I'm Done With You
Riverside, heavily influenced by eastern sounds, strike back with a banger and warn us they're about to release a great album next year. In a "Pale Communion" yet heavier and angrier style, the Polish seem to have experimented with a new sound which I love.
Les Rallizes Dénudés - The OZ Tapes
For music fans that are not into noise rock, like me, The OZ Tapes feels like the best album to hear first from The Rallizes Denudes. It's psychedelic enough to be loved or hated, and I'm personally one of these people who enjoyed the first listen a lot, especially songs 2-4. This might sound funny considering it was recorded half a century ago, but it is one of 2022's must-listens for sure.
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
I don't deserve to write a review for this brilliant album. I consider it one of sir Akerfeldt's best works. Progressive death metal with some funky vibe to it at times (e.g. Ghost of Perdition), long and carefully written songs, and Mikael still at his vocal peak. It'll go down as a classic and will keep influencing next gen proggers.
Empyrium - Über den Sternen
An underrated Empyrium album, and one of their best ones in my opinion. I love its "dark green" vibes, it feels as if you're in a forest in the afternoon, and things are peaceful yet melancholic. It also feels more complete than any other of their albums, for the most part. It's easy to listen to, probably a good starting point for people who're unaware of doom metal music and like combinations with (dark) folk stuff, but is also a piece to be appreciated by older Empyrium fans, as ... read more
Mist Of Misery - Severance
Severance is the kind of album that will grab you inside its wallpaper in a few seconds. It's a unique kind of Symphonic Black Metal, as it uses instruments that are not commonly seen in the metal scene and sets its own atmosphere. Listening to Severance, it can get snowy, heavy, emotional, melancholic, and even epic at times. It's like a theatrical play but without the acting.
Definitely one of the best 2022 albums for me.
Amon Acid - Cosmogony
Amon Acid's strongest card is the combination of various cultures' music and how they apply them into psychedelic doom metal. One moment you're in Greece, another one in Egypt, and another you're on top of the Milky Way. Cosmogony is a perfect example of their character, and if you're into doom metal and psychedelic vibes, it will be a great listen for you.
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