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 - Swimming
"Swimming" is one of those albums that hit so much harder after knowing how the artist's legacy has ended, and recognizing what Mac was going through makes many of the lyrics in these tracks so much harder to swallow. Nevertheless, Mac's last non-posthumous release is full of gems and truly beautiful, heart-wrenching moments.

In short, it's a story of trying to overcome depression, a long-lasting drug addiction and moving on after experiencing lows in your life, told over beautiful ... read more

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While Carpenter Brut still has some work to do in terms of incorporating guest vocalists into his music, the vast majority of 'LEATHER TERROR' was exactly what I needed to hear from him ever since the 'TRILOGY' days - the cold, heavy and hellish darkwave sounds like it was ripped straight out of a DOOM game, it's aggressive and unstoppable, while also being rhythmic and quite memorable.

Every song on here that goes into this nocturnal synthwave direction hits hard and doesn't stop even for a ... read more

 - Trip
One of Leandoer's best songs in a while, love the way he used the hyperpop sound on here, it's a really sweet song with an amazing instrumental that's full of memorable lyrics (shoutout to Eversince), flows and overall just feels like overdosing on sugar.. In the best way possible. Can't wait for the new album!
 - Crest
On 'Crest' Bladee and Ecco deliver one of the most feel good and vulnerably ethereal albums I've heard in a while, and also one of my favorite drain gang projects overall. Much like '333', this album's ethereal and upbeat otherworldly energy is infectious and cute, but this time around, it's even more consistent and childishly imaginative. Is it perfect though? No, while I really like most of Bladee's moany autotuned verses (that might turn off others from enjoying the songs here), it does ... read more
 - Ethereal
I've never been a fan of $NOT's music and this album didn't change much for me. 'Ethereal' tries to do a little bit of everything, it's got some cutesy moody lofi tracks like 'BLUE MOON', some cold aggressive bangers like 'Doja' and hyperpop influenced songs on '5AM' and 'ALONE'. And to this album's credit, its production is quite good most of the time, and the features, from Rocky to Kevin Abstract and Joey Bada$$, are all quite solid.

All of that being said, I still don't really see what ... read more

 - Diet Coke
THE KING OF COKE RAP IS BACK, BABY! And I'm so glad to hear him again, it's honestly been so damn long since we've heard from Pusha, and lemme tell ya, this comeback track sounds fire, Pusha's confident, slick flows and braggadocios verses all about pushing coke sound so good over this vintage soulful 18 year old beat. Love the vocal samples in the background and that classic hip hop pace it has, it aged like some fine wine. In short, I'm really hyped for his new album, loved 'Daytona' and I'm ... read more


йо привет, неожиданно и клево было узнать что ты русскоговорящий чувак (никогда бы не подумал), можно сказать, постоянно и щепетильно ищу "всех своих" на просторах аоти. как ты, откуда будешь?
p.s. чтобы не спамить и не растягивать диалог здесь, сразу напишу о том, что в телеге, у нашего русскоязычного аоти комьюнити, уже два года существует крайне ламповая беседа, в которую мы бы хотели и тебя (если тебе это вдруг интересно)! будем рады видеть и законнектиться. если ты за, то напиши как тебя там можно найти. мир
нахуй с кухни
hey man, have you heard about this little album called Laika come home? Its a 11/10 album you should check it out
Hey bro, thanks for the follow!
Thank for follow
I don’t think I’ve ever left aoty. I visit the site daily for shouts and comments but I don’t really write reviews that frequent anymore. However I’ve been thinking if I should write more reviews again cuz I’m finding interest in expressing myself through words again.
Happy New Year to you too!! Glad to hear, hope you had a great New Year's day! :)
Nothing much, at my grandparents! How are you? Got any plans for the 1st? :)
oh dope! nice to hear that you found stuff to review!


Hi, I've been off this site for a long time, but recently found the time and interest in reviewing music again, while I've probably lost most of my relevance on this site, but that's fine with me, I'll just review the stuff that I listen to on occasion, when I wanna B^)

More active on RYM as of now so pls follow me there :]

I mostly review new albums and singles, but also some older LPs I find interest in.

My favorite genres btw: Alt. Metal and Psych Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic and IDM

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