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Here's the video lol

EDIT: One more final listen before I finish up my video. It still doesn't have the staying power that I'd want, which is disappointing. In that sense, it is very in one ear and out the other. It grabs my attention while I'm listening, and for about a week or two after it released I couldn't get it out of my head, but now that I've had time to sit on it, this is probably their weakest album to date. Not bad by any means, but it's also not ... read more

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Giggles -
Feel obligated to say something considering this is the last thing Modern Baseball will likely ever put out. Both songs are just really beautiful and heartbreaking. Mass Re-Done in particular feels so vital to this, how it recontextualizes the song while not actually changing the core meaning, which is an oxymoron if ever I've heard one but we move it's 5 am. It's a sad but appropriate end to their great run and I've really come to love most of their music. They're definitely a top-tier band ... read more
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A lot of this will be copy and pasted from a review I did on Letterboxd of the documentary attached to this album, figured I'd just put some of those same thoughts into this. I've changed a few things to fit better on here.

I've come to absolutely adore Modern Baseball over the last few months, mainly due to this album. Far and away my favourite record of theirs, it's such a depressing, yet beautiful and uplifting collection of songs. Jake Ewald especially shines on the album, creating the ... read more
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I've already watched and rewatched these two videos several times in the last few months, I can't get enough of them. I'm so gutted we didn't get one last year due to Corony-V. This concept is such a fun and unique way to write an album, and both albums are legitimately pretty great, especially given the context. Do You Want To?, off of this album, has become a genuine favourite of mine since I first heard it. Again, for what it is it's kind of perfect.

The lyrics on a majority of the tracks ... read more
Giggles -
And the Big Time Binge ends with their final album, 24/Seven. No surprise that it is the worst of their catalog, but it's still decent in my mind. I didn't realize that the deluxe edition of the album included five additional songs, so I thought that was actually the entire album. Luckily, those five songs are easily some of the weakest tracks. So, when looked at with just the first 10 tracks in mind, it's pretty consistent stuff.

24/Seven is the song I knew best and it is a great opener, ... read more
Giggles -
Just a day later, I'm back listening to BTR. Love to see it. I remember this album being a step above the debut, but I don't think it is now. It's still quite good though, all things considered. I'd say it even features some of their best songs, and I think as a whole it is overlooked compared to that first album. While the debut is certainly more iconic and well known, Elevate has some bright moments.

The main highlights for me were the first four tracks, which I think are some of their best. ... read more


Feb 23, 2021
No worries.
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
Jan 1, 2021
My guy
Dec 31, 2020
Anyone who is a fan of Big Time Rush is a friend of mine
Sep 28, 2020
Oh, I didn't see this. Thanks!


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