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Jun 4, 2020
Giggles -
From my second listen of this where I gave it an outrageous 83, which was about two months ago, I've basically been listening to this album non-stop. Pretty much a day or two after that listen, it just got fully stuck in my head. Whether it's listening to a song or two because I'm bored and it's the first thing I'll think of, or just putting it on shuffle and playing through literally the entire album, I have completely fallen in love with it. I went out of my way to teach myself like half of ... read more
Apr 15, 2020
Giggles -
Pretty disappointed with this one. I had a listen to their EPs a few weeks back and wasn't impressed. I was hoping this record would be a lot better, it's gotten a lot of praise, but for me it didn't do anything. I know that for me personally, first listens are kind of a formality. It has to be done and the real meat and potatoes of an album only shines through after a second or third listen, most of the time. So take this with a grain of salt, if anyone's actually reading. But while I do plan ... read more
Feb 29, 2020*
Giggles -
Did not realize I was able to add music to the page lmao. Anyway, this song is pretty great. I was very unsure at first, but a few listens in and it has really grown on me. The guitars actually go really hard, harder than I can remember Neck Deep going in a while. The first two chords or so of the chorus are so hard to even make out, in a good way. It's like a weird but cool dissonance between Ben going very high and the music going lower. Yeah sure.

The lyrics are probably what most people ... read more
Feb 29, 2020*
Giggles -
Incredibly cheesy and fun. Disappointed this won't be on the new record, but I still get a kick out of it. Really do not get the hate for this one. Much like their newest single Lowlife, which is better than this one, it's silly and doesn't take itself too seriously. The chorus is like an explosion right in your bloody face, and I love the little vocals in the back. How on earth is this almost a year old?

EDIT: This song just continues to grow on me. Really gutted this won't be on the new ... read more
Feb 1, 2020
Giggles -
From what I can tell, most fans consider this self-titled third album to be the weakest of the bunch. I thought I agreed, but upon giving it another listen, it's actually now my favourite.

With songs like Heavy Gloom and Nerve already being the best this band has put out, I just expected the rest to be mediocre and underwhelming. I was pleasantly surprised, as there really wasn't a poor track besides maybe Scowl. In fact, after Nerve the entire album kind of falls apart a little bit. Phantom ... read more
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