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May 17, 2020
GodGabz -
I try not to write reaviews to albuns that I think might could be missing a point. However, I will try to take a little risk, at least to say how I feel about this record.

It's a very enjoyable piece, really. It is very easy to get in, and get used to, after getting involved in this multitemporal ambient that uses different sounds from different eras in a very modern way. The composition of the lyrics is very simple, the artist tells his stories in an easy way, also facilitating the ... read more
May 15, 2020*
GodGabz -
The great fusion of popular manifestations and pop culture, the phenomenon of the 90s in Brazil, which broke audience records, crowded gyms across the country and even today enchants and entertains all brazilian generations.

It is still not possible to measure and explain the great success that was this group that managed to mix heavy metal, forró and pagode in this great piece of comic rock. Underneath this silly and charismatic layer that conquered everyone and caused a great ... read more
May 15, 2020
GodGabz -
Trying not to be late to the party.

Charli maintains the same line of his previous works, heavy overproduced electropop. Her music has always given me this vision of a futuristic ballad on the moon with everyone in their amethyst and emerald green outfits, in fact I believe it is where we all wanted to be at now.

As much as she has been maintaining a line for some time, I believe that this is the most captivating work and have a lot of emphasis on the "gum" of bubblegum bass. I say ... read more
May 8, 2020
GodGabz -
A big step to the duo. Anavitória goes to a much better production, exploring the compositions more, while still being Anavitória, making an album even more romantic than the previous one, with deeper lyrics sung in beautiful harmonies.
May 11, 2020
Hello! I have a single out I was wondering if you could give a listen, I would appreciate it! <3
Song: https://soundcloud.com/user-883091816/xmanmalneezy-the-gunslinger

Where to review it: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/240293-malneezy-the-gunslinger.php
Apr 17, 2020
Hi there! I accidentally deleted by Fetch the Bolt Cutters review (instead of 'editing' it) and I'm quite pleased with it, would you mind giving it another look? I don't expect a like, just a read my friend!
Apr 12, 2020
Obrigada, seguindo de volta!
Apr 6, 2020
Both Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile and The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery are definitely worth checking out, just so you know which albums I'm referring to! And it's definitely a fun hobby. I got into it about two years ago now and it has become one of my biggest passions. Look forward to seeing more from you!
Apr 6, 2020
Hey, welcome to the community! That's cool that you're broadening your horizons musically, Shabaka Hutchings has a few other worthwhile jazz albums under different groups that might be worth checking out if you're interested.
Brazilian guy who likes good music and pretends to be someone important.

I'm learning, don't take my reviews too seriously! I'm open to suggestions, be nice.

My reviews are short cuz my english is not that good, but you must believe is from the heart!

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