Nov 5, 2018
Wow this is really something special. Existential and mindnumbing all in one, like a lazy ourbouros, poignant and mindful, yet taking confidence in the road to nowhere. This is the premeire fall album too, and my first instance of riding with a Vile album all the way through. Will return when I've listened to others for reference.

fave tracks: Bassackwards, Loading Zones, One Trick Pony, Hysteria, Bottle It In, Mutinies, Rollin With The Flow, Cold Was The Wind, Check Baby
Oct 29, 2018
Jeff Rosenstock is my guy!

Like pumping some maturity into Green Day, or taking the pretention out of Arcade Fire, Jeff has created a fun, emotional ride that's both easy going and a rollercoaster. It sounds like The Suburbs on steroids, taking themes of loneliness, insecurity, existential angst, and turning them into fun homecoming jams. This is garage rock that actually sounds like it's made in a garage, after scrambling home from school to do your chores in the Reagan era. It's toggles ... read more
Oct 29, 2018
Fun fact: This is the best album of the year according to the principal horn player for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

You Let My Tyres Down is one of the best songs of the year too. This album is freaking weird, but it's ear candy nonetheless.

fave tracks: You Let My Tyres Down, Two Afternoons, The Future of History, Shellfish Toxin, A Laughing Death In Meatspace
Oct 29, 2018
Rest in peace. Your album, sir, is beautiful, weird, and fun. Eccentric takes on traditional melodies, lovely instrumentation, and catchy, urgent lyrics. Thank you.

fave tracks: Broken Finger Blues, Selfishmath, Babylon, Wendy, Nancy, Sept 20
Oct 29, 2018
Where were you when the synth's for Argo destroyed your life? Gorgeous

*in competition with Paraphim for best underground rap record of 2018

fave tracks: Sirens, Argo, Golden Fleece, Atlas, Oedipus, Hades
Oct 29, 2018

*in competition with Orpheus vs. The Sirens for best underground rap of 2018

fave tracks: Rehearse with Ornette, No Days Off, Fuhrman Tapes, Alternate Side Parking, Ecomog, Dettol
Oct 29, 2018

It goes without saying this is the best CONCEPT album of the year. And it's not just cause Hannibal Buress has a guest verse.
So satirical its serious, it somewhat serves as its own remedy for the bizarre ailment that is 2018 that it's trying to warn you about. Where other album's laments at the times, this one exposes our own oblivious complicity. It makes you laugh, cry and ponder all our innate insanity. Ratings aside, this is easily one of my automatic faves of the year.

fave ... read more
Oct 29, 2018

You know what's the greatest thing about this album? It's grandiose and epic, but it doesn't do that by making outreaching grand statements. The album is deeply political and powerful, but it's power comes in how personal it is. Typically albums with a deeper message about the state of affairs opt to make the music as blatant and empathetic as possible. This is not a bad tactic, and has resulted in great political opus' like TPAB, or even earlier Marvin Gaye's What's Goin On or ... read more
Oct 29, 2018

Critics need to chill and just have fun once in a while. This pop is simplistic yes, but still one of the liveliest, out of the box, personal pop albums of the year. The french version is the supreme listening experience. And DOESNT MATTER GIVES ME THE EXISTENTIAL SLAPS.

fave tracks: Doesn't Matter, 5 Dollars, Girlfriend, What's-her-face, The Stranger
Oct 29, 2018
the movie's good too

fave tracks: Suspirium, Unmade, Has Ended, Olga's Destruction, The Universe Is Indifferent, The Jumps
Oct 29, 2018
I was hooked when he started rhythmically gasping for air on the first track

I've never listened to Daughters before. At first I was like "This is like", The Body's new album, Algiers' album from last year or Swans' The Seer. Been there, done that. However, I was oh so terribly wrong. This is like no other album I've ever heard before.

this is like dying

fave tracks: Long Road, No Turns, Satan In The Wait, The Lords Song, Less Sex, Ocean Song, Guest House, Daughter, The Flammable ... read more
Oct 29, 2018
its alot fam

fave tracks: I shall love 2, Voce Simul, Turn The Light On, Underneath The Moon, In Gardens, Les Jeux to You

(first listen so I'll probably be back, but sheesh this is an undertaking. I appreciate the lush orchestrations and the powerful etherial energy of the pieces (pieces, not songs), but it's so hard to fully latch onto something over a straight through listen, that it's alienating. And because the styles of the songs are so varied and jarring, it comes across as holier than ... read more
Sep 21, 2018
TL;DR: this album is the older college educated brother to A$AP Rocky's TESTING and JOBA's mean

SAT. II is my favorite album of theirs. It felt like they had really mastered the conventional rap song, bringing nuance, hilarity, and innovation to the craft in a way that made them stand out amongst their peers.

But Iridescence proves they've always been in a lane of their own, for better or worse. I say that because Iridescence can be a somewhat jarring listening experience. Usually you know ... read more
Sep 21, 2018
The last trilogy entry is both a victory lap and a departure.
Their first feature with Ryan Beatty.
The cohesion and creativity between members is at its peak. Matt is singing more, they tag team on LIQUID, and we hear Bearface more than once on an album! Wow!

but I don't really listen to STAINS or ALASKA. And the songs standout less outside of the production. Wheras you could immediately tell that JUNKY is conscious or FIGHT is about racism, it seems like all the songs here are thematically ... read more
Sep 21, 2018

The best production.
The best topics.
The best lyrics (RIP Ameer feels hardest here)
JOBA and Matt Champion increase their presence DRAMATICALLY.
And they still hadn't REALLY blown up yet. It's the best cause it's the standalone reminder that you can be killing the game at any age, cemented their status, surmounted the sophomore slump, and inspired and impressed even those who didn't wanna pay attention.

I wonder where they'll be in a year hehehehe

BEST TRACKS: SWAMP, JUNKY, ... read more
Sep 21, 2018
Fresh out the woodwork, BROCKHAMPTON is killing the game!

But new and inventive can only get you so far. After listening to all their albums in the SATURATION TRILOGY, you can't tell me this is the album you return to the most. Returning to listen, it feels wonky and underproduced, and occasionally without focus. The sheer star power of HEAT and STAR feel way heavier. It's thankful that they continue to grow and develop their craft though, cause it still was one of the best albums of the year ... read more
Sep 14, 2018
i really should be asleep instead of listening and reviewing this but MAYBE IM AN INSOMNIBLACK!!

Mothertrucker, this album is everything and more. It expands exponentially on the saga that is Noname Gypsy with far more complex, mature beats, layered song structures and Noname's most precise and poignant verses to date.

She effortlessly dances, dictates and divines over this superb effort. It plays like a jazzy, and I dare say, cinematic jam sesh with homages to Badu and D'Angelo alike. Some ... read more
Sep 13, 2018
Let me be the one to hold you tight. The endearing vocals bubbling underneath the cacophony of snares and that stalwart synth through and through on the final track is the most powerful moment on this immaculate, mind bending, world-ending album. It speaks to the raw power and energy that love has, in this moment and forever. Yves' most accomplished work to date, and easily one of the best albums of the year.

fave tracks: Honestly, Noid, Lifetime, Licking An Orchid, Recognizing the Enemy, Let ... read more
Sep 13, 2018
Quarterthing = quartereffort. How are people thinking this is next level goodness! Super basic and underwhelming.

best tracks: godbody pt. 2, elastic, look at my wrist
Aug 24, 2018*
Sometimes you gotta see someone perform their stuff live to really let the majesty sink in. This album is like a smorgasbord of beautiful encouragement, and it's just what 2018 needs.

FAVE TRACKS: Saint, Hope, Orlando, Holy Will, Charcoal Baby, Minetta Creek, Dagenham Dream
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